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  • Summer Reading Done Right

    June 28, 2021

    Summer is the perfect time to sit outside and enjoy a good book. Whether you are at the beach, on the water, or just in your backyard, reading can be very relaxing.

  • Commit To Your Health This June

    June 17, 2021

    June is the start of Men’s Health Month which is the time to bring awareness to the health issues that all men face. Dedicated to enriching men’s lives, education-based campaigns were created to advocate for top medical conditions that men face.

  • The Importance of Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness

    June 7, 2021

    More than 6 million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s and it is estimated that nearly 13 million people will have Alzheimer’s by 2050. One in three seniors die from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

  • Splashing into Summer Safely

    May 24, 2021

    Summer is right around the corner! With temperatures rising, the summer heat can be dangerous for many. Senior Helpers wants to remind everyone to monitor their health this upcoming season.

  • May is Military Appreciation Month!

    May 13, 2021

    May is a special month for the Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, Space Force, and National Guard; we celebrate all of them and their families during this time. In 1999, Congress designated May to the Armed Forces.

  • Influential Nurses in History

    May 3, 2021

    Florence Nightingale, known to have ‘invented’ modern nursing, was born in the month of May, so each year, we honor her and all nurses with National Nurses Week, which runs May 6th through the 12th. Senior Helpers is grateful for all nurses currently working, retired, and those on the path to becoming a nurse!

  • 6 Benefits of Flexible Work Hours

    May 3, 2021

    Senior Helpers understands that a 9 to 5 job may not work for or appeal to everyone. For some, a strict job schedule can make it difficult to balance work and life. This can lead to increased stress levels and a decrease in overall happiness. Becoming a Senior Helpers caregiver allows individuals to create a schedule that works best for their personal life and needs.

  • Festive Spring Activities for Seniors

    April 25, 2021

    Senior Helpers encourages you to get outside and enjoy the spring weather any way you know how. Here are a few spring activities Senior Helpers wants to share with you!

  • Stress Management Tips for Seniors

    April 12, 2021

    Did you know that it is normal for aging seniors to feel overwhelmed and stressed? Stress hormones can negatively affect your physical health. Many studies have shown that elevated levels are connected to high blood pressure, weakened immune systems, and heart disease.

  • Resources and Education for Patients with Parkinson's Disease

    April 5, 2021

    April is Parkinson’s Awareness month and Senior Helpers wants to help your loved one get the care they need. There are several resources that provide the education families need to understand and provide the right care for Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s Disease is a progressive condition that looks different for every individual dealing with the disease. Senior Helpers wants to provide you with information, resources, and the help you are looking for.

  • Spice Up Your Plate with Middle Eastern Cuisine

    March 23, 2021

    Middle Eastern dishes are easy to prepare. The recipes include lean proteins, healthy fats, vegetables, and grains which are all beneficial to a healthy diet. Senior Helpers supports including healthier food options in your daily diet.

  • Meal Prep for Aging Adults

    March 9, 2021

    Senior Helpers provides a host of care services to seniors nationwide. Planning meals and creating grocery lists ahead of time cuts down unplanned trips to the grocery store. And when it comes to your loved one’s health, our caregivers will do everything they can to help them to stay motivated and confident in being independent.

  • Fat Fighting Food Swaps

    February 26, 2021

    It may at times be hard to lead a heart-healthy lifestyle because many do not know where to begin. Senior Helpers would like to provide you with a few nutritious options that promote heart heath!

  • Things to Keep in Mind When Searching for A New Job

    February 16, 2021

    Switching careers can be intimidating. Careful thought and research should be done before making any decisions. We have compiled a list of factors to consider when switching jobs/careers to make this change smoother for you.

  • Medical Pioneers to Celebrate This Black History Month

    February 9, 2021

    The month of February is Black History Month. It is an annual celebration to honor the achievements African Americans have made. Senior Helpers would like to take the time to honor African American medical leaders in U.S. history

  • Wellness-Boosting Valentine’s Day Activities for Seniors

    February 1, 2021

    Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it could be looking a little bit different for you this year. No matter if you are with your loved ones or separated from them, we can all celebrate the holiday in our own unique way. Senior Helpers would like to share a few wellness-boosting activities you can participate in on this upcoming Valentine’s Day!

  • The Importance of Our Caregivers

    January 12, 2021

    It is no secret that caregivers are modern-day heroes in the lives of many. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the need for caregivers has skyrocketed. More now than ever, seniors are requesting in-home care.

  • Planning Out the Year Ahead

    December 22, 2020

    The older we get, the more important it is to plan out important events, and other lifestyle changes throughout the year to come. Planning factors such as budgets, home changes, transportation and more can help us not forget anything, but also relieve us of the stress we might otherwise incur.

  • Help Your Older Loved One Enjoy the Holidays Again

    December 17, 2020

    Although many seniors feel a sense of joy and comfort during the holidays, many of them also experience the holiday blues. Whether it be from missing passed loved ones or not being able to partake in certain activities, older adults tend to feel increased sadness around these times. As their loved one, there are many things you can do to help them feel excited about this time instead!

  • National Influenza Vaccination Week

    December 3, 2020

    Next week (December 6-12) is National Influenza Vaccination week and getting flu vaccinations this year is more important than ever. With the winter months upon us and the number of COVID-19 cases rising, a flu vaccination could make a difference for your and your families health.

  • Making the Holidays Enjoyable for your Loved One with Alzheimer’s

    December 1, 2020

    Many people use the holidays as a time to give, say thanks, and celebrate with the people they love. This is a joyous time for many of us but can sometimes bring added stress and sadness- particularly for our loved ones with Alzheimer’s.

  • Eat Well to Live Well with Diabetes!

    November 9, 2020

    Did you know that around 25% of older adults, ages 65+, have some form of diabetes? Living with diabetes requires some lifestyle changes including diet, exercise, and more. Diabetes is especially affected by our diets. Learning how to maintain a diabetes friendly diet can help you or your loved ones live more comfortably with diabetes! Here are a few tips on transitioning into a diabetic friendly diet.

  • Family Caregivers Need Care Too!

    November 2, 2020

    Balancing work, kids, school, and being a caregiver for your family member? It’s not an easy job by far. If you don’t usually take time to check on your own health also, take this as a sign to do so. We’ve compiled some helpful suggestions for taking some stress off our hardworking family caregivers.

  • Preserving Senior Respiratory Health

    October 26, 2020

    As we grow older, our bodies begin to change and adapt in a variety of ways. Healthy Lung Month is all throughout October, and with Respiratory Care week happening now, this creates an opportunity to learn more about respiratory health issues that can commonly affect seniors.

  • October 15th is Global Handwashing Day

    October 13, 2020

    Heads up everyone! October 15th is Global Handwashing Day, a day dedicated to increasing awareness about the importance of washing your hands. It is so important that we constantly wash our hands because hand washing saves lives and prevents the spread of disease. Here are some tips from Senior Helpers!