Splashing into Summer Safely
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Splashing into Summer Safely

Summer is right around the corner! With temperatures rising, the summer heat can be dangerous for many. Senior Helpers wants to remind everyone to monitor their health this upcoming season. It is important to take precautionary measures to protect yourself from the sun. Here are a few summer tips to get you through the summer heat and enjoy it too!

Check the Weather

Look at the weather when you wake up every morning, so you know how hot it will be outside. Once you know the temperature, you can plan your day accordingly, dress in the appropriate attire, and know the best times of day to go outside.

Stay Hydrated

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day. When it gets hot out, we are prone to sweat; this makes our bodies dehydrated. It is recommended that an individual drink eight or more glasses of water a day.

Know Medication Side Effects

Certain medications can make your body sensitive to the sun causing you to burn more easily, become dehydrated, and change your internal body temperature. Talk to your doctor about how the sun and heat play a role in the medications you take.

Stay Cool

When we know it is going to be hot outside, we should do anything it takes to stay cool. Make sure your AC works properly, stay inside during the hottest times of day, and limit outdoor activity. A recommended way to cool off during the summertime is to go for a swim and it is easy on joints!

Senior Helpers offers Companion Care services for any additional help you may need. A companion in the summertime can be very helpful to many as the summer heat gets to all of us! Come this summer, it would be nice to have additional support to remind you to stay hydrated and away from the heat. Senior Helpers has you covered and protected this summer with our Companion Care Services.