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Serving Fairfield and surrounding areas.
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Serving Fairfield and surrounding areas.
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In-Home Care Services in Hamden, CT

Senior Helpers of Fairfield is your trusted source for in-home senior care, Alzheimer's & dementia care, and respite care services in Hamden, Connecticut.

At Senior Helpers of Fairfield, our core belief centers around enhancing the lives of seniors as they navigate the aging process. Our ultimate goal is to empower older adults to maintain their independence within the familiarity of their own homes while providing a sense of security and reassurance to both our clients and their families. Our caregivers are extensively trained to provide top-notch care, coupled with genuine companionship that your cherished elderly loved ones deserve.

Hamden has the perfect blend of urban and suburban lifestyles. Known as "The Land of the Sleeping Giant", Hamden offers a wide variety of attractions from state parks to museums. Senior Helpers takes immense pride in being a vital contributor to the well-being of seniors and their families in this vibrant Connecticut community.

Explore Hamden's Treasures with Confidence

 Discover Hamden's Charm: As a proud member of the Hamden community, we understand the importance of maintaining connections with the town's rich history and famous landmarks. Whether it's a leisurely visit to Sleeping Giant State Park, a stroll through Brooksvale Park, or enjoying the local events at the Eli Whitney Museum, our caregivers are here to make these experiences enjoyable for you.

Sleeping Giant State Park, nestled in the heart of Hamden, Connecticut, is a natural wonder that beckons visitors with its majestic allure. This iconic park, named after its distinctive mountain ridge resembling a reclining giant, offers a truly immersive outdoor experience. Whether you're an avid hiker, nature enthusiast, or simply seeking a peaceful escape, Sleeping Giant State Park delivers. Its well-maintained trails wind through lush forests, revealing breathtaking vistas and an array of flora and fauna. The park's crowning jewel is the "Tower Trail," leading to the stone observation tower at the summit, granting panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. With its diverse ecosystems, picturesque scenery, and opportunities for recreation and contemplation, Sleeping Giant State Park promises an unforgettable adventure for all who venture there.

Brooksvale Park is a beloved gem in Hamden, Connecticut, cherished by locals and visitors alike for its serene natural beauty and diverse recreational offerings. Spread across 500 acres of lush woodlands, meadows, and pristine ponds, this park provides a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you're interested in hiking, birdwatching, fishing, or picnicking, Brooksvale Park has something for everyone. Families can explore the numerous walking trails, educational nature programs, and a charming farm complete with barnyard animals, making it an ideal destination for children to connect with nature. During the winter, the park transforms into a winter wonderland with opportunities for cross-country skiing and sledding. Brooksvale Park's commitment to preserving its natural surroundings and offering a wide range of activities makes it a year-round destination for relaxation and outdoor enjoyment in the heart of Hamden.

The Eli Whitney Museum, located in Hamden, Connecticut, stands as a tribute to innovation and education. Named after the renowned inventor Eli Whitney, best known for his invention of the cotton gin, this museum offers a fascinating journey into the world of science, technology, and engineering. What makes this museum truly exceptional is its hands-on approach to learning. Visitors of all ages can immerse themselves in interactive exhibits, workshops, and educational programs that inspire creativity and problem-solving. Whether you're interested in exploring the mechanics of simple machines or engaging in hands-on engineering projects, the Eli Whitney Museum provides a dynamic and engaging experience that fosters a deep appreciation for the ingenuity of Eli Whitney and the limitless possibilities of invention. It's a must-visit destination for anyone curious about the intersection of history, innovation, and education.

Home Healthcare Services in Hamden, CT

When providing Alzheimer’s and dementia care services, our care team creates a personalized in-home care plan that meets the changing needs of those with a progressive disease such as Alzheimer’s. Our team’s extensive training and knowledge enable us to provide the right level of care to meet the person’s varying needs. Senior Gems®, a program created by Senior Helpers®, includes practical strategies that help support and care for loved ones during all stages of dementia.

Created in partnership with the Parkinson Foundation’s Center of Excellence, the Senior Helpers' Parkinson’s Care Program provides our caregivers the training necessary to develop personalized care plans.

Our specialized companion care services provide daily companionship and assistance to help keep your loved ones cared for and engaged. In-home care and companionship can help reduce senior isolation by providing much-needed social interaction. Our companion caregivers can assist with transportation, medication reminders, light housekeeping, and meal preparation.

Our fully screened and trained caregivers provide sensitive, confidential care that respects your loved one’s dignity and well-being while helping them to remain independent for as long as possible.

Staying Home Safe™ care management approach helps the transition from a hospital or long-term care facility to the home easier and more manageable. This program is built around patient goals and focuses on patient safety.

Senior Helpers of Triangle works seamlessly with professional assistance organizations to ensure that Veterans and their spouses receive the benefits they deserve as quickly as possible.

Our respite care services provide the family caregiver with much-needed daily breaks. Our caregivers can step in and care for a loved one so the primary caregiver can receive a well-deserved break and relief.

Senior Helpers of Triangle provides end of life support care to help comfort and give quality of care during a person’s final days.

LIFE Profile™ is an assessment tool that provides a holistic view of risks and factors impacting a loved one’s ability to age in their home.


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