Senior Helpers Reviews In Fairfield, CT
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Serving Fairfield and surrounding areas.
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Serving Fairfield and surrounding areas.
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We are proud to have had the opportunity to support seniors and families in our community. Hear what they have to say about the services that we have provided:

My family is extremely grateful to the services provided by your team.  You have a caring and understanding team that truly made a difference to my family during our mother’s last days.  You all should be proud."

- Mike

Senior Helpers provided excellent live-in home care for my aunt.  I appreciated the kind, compassionate and reliable  caregivers provided by this  agency. They consistently did their job very well.  The owner and president of Senior Helpers in Fairfield, Katie Vanovitch, supervised the caregivers. She made periodic  visits to my aunt’s home to verify that the live-in situation was going well for both caregivers and client. The help provided by Senior Helpers, a most professional and caring agency, allowed my aunt to stay in her home in a safe and caring environment which was reassuring to me.  I highly recommend Senior Helpers for home care services.

- Maureen C.