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Serving Greater Chicagoland and surrounding areas.
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  • Is Diabetes Genetic?: An Overview and Best Practices for Caring for Yourself

    November 21, 2022

    Millions of individuals in the US alone are affected by the chronic disease diabetes. Type 1 and type 2 diabetes risks are significantly influenced by genetics. You are far more likely to get it yourself if one of your parents or siblings does. Diabetes, however, is not solely a genetic disease. It's not a given that you will contract the illness just because a family member did.

  • How to Ask Aging Parents About Their Medical History and Needs

    November 5, 2022

    Our parents in Des Plaines and surrounding areas often have many medications prescribed to them as they age. Prescription regimens can be very confusing, with some medicines meant to take only in the morning, some twice a day, and others with food. It is difficult to remember what the doctor said in the examination room about the medications, making it more confusing when managing prescriptions at home. Discussing your parent's medicines is essential in avoiding mistakes and mismanagement of the drugs they take. These conversations, however, take work to broach. Our independent parents may feel threatened, or they may view you as questioning their ability to care for themselves. Consider these strategies to start the conversation with your parent.  

  • How to Prepare for the End of Daylight-Saving Time on November 6th

    October 28, 2022

    Daylight Saving Time will end on November 6th and the time shift can disrupt sleeping and digestion patterns, affect routines, and even cause depression. Help your senior loved ones adjust properly with these tips so the seasonal change won’t affect their mental and physical health.

  • 6 Signs of Seasonal Affective Disorder for Seniors

    October 13, 2022

    Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD, can be a serious issue. It's a type of depression that typically appears after the holiday season, and it's important to be able to recognize the symptoms of SAD in seniors before things get too bad. That being said, let's dive into the signs of Seasonal Affective Disorder in seniors.


  • 5 Exercises for Seniors to Help With Balance and Fall Prevention

    September 29, 2022

    Spring and fall can be beautiful when you live less than 20 miles from Lake Michigan. Morning walks and evening strolls are healthy ways to enjoy Des Plaines and surrounding areas. However, walking can present challenges if you have difficulty balancing. A dip in the sidewalk or a misstep out your door can result in a fall.

    We at Senior Helpers in Des Plaines have put together five exercises to help improve balance and fall prevention.


  • Can Seasonal Affective Disorder Worsen or Complicate Alzheimer's?

    September 12, 2022

    Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is often associated with fall and winter. It is considered a form of depression that impacts energy levels and mood. SAD affects 3% of the world population, with most cases occurring in countries with brutal winters and decreased natural light. Cities located on or near Lake Michigan, such as Chicago, Lake Forest, and Des Plaines, IL, are known for their harsh winters that can keep people indoors.

    Because a decrease in sunlight can disrupt circadian rhythms, researchers attribute the seasonal affective disorder to hormonal changes that influence mood. However, social and environmental factors also contribute to the disorder's intensity. Cold temperatures and poor travel conditions can isolate people, keeping them away from family and friends.


  • 5 Immunizations and Vaccines That Are Important for Senior Adults

    August 31, 2022

    Vaccines are very important to senior adults because they protect their immune systems from different forms of infection. Senior citizens in-home care institutions need vaccines more because they live in populated settings and are more prone to communicable diseases.

    This Senior Helpers Des Plaines’ post highlights five immunizations and vaccines that are important for senior adults:


  • How to Prepare for Travel and Labor Day Events During Three-Day Weekends

    August 18, 2022

    Travelling does not have to diminish with age. The passion for exploring new destinations is always there. Every person has a must-visit destination at some point in their lives. In the case of our senior adults, there are a few considerations that the caretakers should take before traveling. Below is a guide from Senior Helpers in Des Plaines on how seniors can prepare for travel and Labor Day events during three-day weekends:


  • Why Wearing Layers Is the Secret to Staying Cool This Summer

    July 14, 2022

    Looking to stay cool this summer? For many of us, this means donning our bathing suits or wearing the least amount of clothing possible. However,  professional advice suggests that seniors should avoid extreme heat and sun exposure due to their body's inability to respond appropriately to high temperatures. For many seniors, medications and diagnosed illnesses can inhibit the body's natural response to respond to heat. But if you are planning on going outside or to an event, wearing the right clothing can make all the difference.

  • 5 Ways Seasonal Allergies Can Reduce With Age

    June 27, 2022

    Allergic reactions aren't necessarily permanent as some people probably made you believe. As you grow older, some allergens no longer make you miserable or don't trigger allergic reactions as they did when you were younger. You need to know that seasonal allergies can reduce, or completely go away with age.

  • Cleaning Services Are Helpful, But Companion Services Care

    June 15, 2022

    Taking care of our elderly loved ones is a lot of work. As time passes, their ability to do what they used to do around the house decreases and it's up to us to pick up where they left off. When the goal is to keep them in their homes, it's important to ensure that their house is clean and everything is in its place through cleaning services.

  • Occupational Therapy: The Surprising Health Benefits of Rearranging House Furniture for Seniors

    April 4, 2022

    Many seniors find themselves on the exterior edge of loneliness with old age kicking in. The buzz of fast life suddenly goes quiet, and in comes the silence accompanied by dull mornings and evenings. When this happens, most seniors will isolate themselves, primarily affecting their mental health. How can occupational therapy help?

  • How Seniors Can Do Volunteering Activities Over the Phone to Fill Up Their Day

    March 8, 2022

    Older adults have various life experiences and can help the younger generation and society fulfill their dreams in life. If you are an older adult staying at home, you can engage in multiple volunteering activities to keep you busy and fill up your day. It is all about doing what you love to stay active


  • How to Help a Senior Loved One Create an Advance Directive

    February 2, 2022

    Contemplating our own end-of-life care decisions can be unsettling, so we just put off talking about it. But what happens in the event of a medical emergency that leaves you unable to speak for yourself? Many seniors never get around to making their wishes known. Thus, resulting in choices made for you that you might not agree with or want. This is where the importance of creating an advance directive comes into play.

    Reflecting on what matters to you and sharing those desires with your loved ones in case you become incapacitated is important.

  • 5 Inspirational Women Over 60 Worth Knowing About

    January 4, 2022

    Living your best life doesn't stop when you reach a certain age. A positive mindset and a persistent, creative approach to setting goals can make all the difference. In fact, the world is filled with successful people who never let their years come between them and the things they want to achieve.

  • How to Have a Successful First Day With Your Professional Caregiver

    December 1, 2021

    Caring for your senior loved one can be complex. But with the help of a professional caregiver, you can ensure that they have the best quality of life possible.

  • Top 10 Best Podcasts for Seniors

    October 1, 2021

    There is nothing as refreshing as listening to your favorite podcast as you carry out your daily chores or when you are relaxing on the couch. Podcasts refer to pre-recorded shows that you can access through such Apps as Stitcher, Apple podcast, Podcast Addict, Google Play Music, among other apps.

  • Senior Care Information and Lifestyle in Des Plaines

    September 3, 2021

    The aging process comes with numerous challenges which might rob people of their time and resources. However, the worry about the future is becoming history to some people, thanks to home care facilities for the aged. Here is what you need to know about senior care information and lifestyle.



  • Respite Care - How it Can Benefit You and Your Loved One

    March 29, 2021

    Caring for a family member can be rewarding. But it can also take a toll on your health and well-being. Read on to learn more about how respite care may benefit you and your loved one.


  • 4 Ways Aging Adults Can Develop New Friendships

    February 15, 2021

    Reaching out can be hard, but the benefits of developing new senior friendships is incredibly rewarding. Try a new hobby or take a class for a chance to meet a new companion.

  • Great Stuff Free for Seniors (or Nearly Free)

    January 15, 2021

    Seniors should be enjoying themselves and staying connected. Limited or fixed income can make that difficult, but there are resources available. Here are some tools and great stuff free for seniors.