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  • Preventing Bone Loss in Older Adults

    May 13, 2022

    Maintaining strong bones as we age will reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Every year in the United States, close to 1.5 million fractures are caused by osteoporosis, a condition affecting seniors especially where bones become weak and brittle.

  • Exploring the Causes of Malnutrition

    May 10, 2022

    Many seniors struggle with a poor diet, something that sadly goes overlooked by friends and family members. Older adults may have qualms about leaving the house, especially given the risk of the coronavirus that remains ever-present.

  • Disorientation and Dementia

    May 6, 2022

    Any one of us can easily lose track of time, forget the date, not know what specific day of the week it is, or even find ourselves unsure of exactly where we are. When we go about our lives and find ourselves getting lost in the daily business of existence, it is normal to find ourselves a little disoriented here and there.

  • Older Americans Month

    May 3, 2022

    In 1963, when Older Americans Month was established, only 17 million living Americans had reached their 65th birthday. About a third of them lived in poverty, and there were few programs available to meet their needs. There was a growing concern and interest in older Americans, which prompted a meeting between then-President John F. Kennedy and members of the National Council of Senior Citizens. This meeting led to the designation of May as “Senior Citizens Month”, then the precursor to “Older Americans Month”

  • Environmentalism for Seniors

    April 29, 2022

    Earth Day 2022 may have already come and gone, but caring for the environment and being responsible stewards of our planet and resources is a year round job. The first Earth Day was celebrated over 50 years ago, in 1970. The holiday was, at the time, created to bring attention to the dangers of the far too common smog that was choking our major cities at the time. Since then, it has evolved into a much larger movement, one meant to bring forth the most pressing issues facing us and our environment, raising consciousness of them and what can be done.

  • Improving Communication with Aphasia

    April 26, 2022

    As humans, we are social creatures, and one of the most important parts of our lives is the connections and bonds we share with others. Difficulty in communicating can be frustrating, and leave people feeling isolated and angry. For the more than two million Americans living with aphasia, a communication disorder caused by brain injury, infection, or neurological disorder, difficult communication is sadly the norm. Seniors who suffer from dementia, Parkinson’s, or other diseases, or who have experienced a stroke or a traumatic brain injury may develop aphasia. Aphasia does not affect intelligence or understanding, but rather the ability to produce and process language, both written and spoken.

  • The Benefits of Volunteering

    April 22, 2022

    Volunteering is a wonderful way for older adults to stay active and engaged in their communities, staying social and doing the activities they enjoy the most. 

  • Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Eyesight

    April 19, 2022

    When we look around, what we see is actually light stimuli reflected off everything around us, entering our eyes and being converted into usable information by the brain. 

  • Protecting Against Antibiotic Overuse

    April 15, 2022

    When penicillin was invented in 1928, it was a turning point in medical history and was the beginning of the modern era where physicians could actually cure deadly infections.

  • Adjusting to Retirement

    April 12, 2022

    While retirement is, for many of us, the ultimate goal we spend our adult lives working towards, for many people, they find once they’ve reached it, they have no idea what to do.

  • Appetite Loss in Seniors

    April 8, 2022

    It doesn’t take an advanced degree to realize and understand that not getting enough food can lead to many different health issues. Everything our bodies do and make and provide comes more or less directly from the food we eat. Living without taking in the proper nutrition is like trying to run a car empty of oil or gasoline. Eventually you’ll be headed for a breakdown.

  • Be Good to Your Brain

    April 5, 2022

    The human brain is an incredibly complex organ, so much so that every year researchers and doctors learn more and more about it. How we process information, making sense of dreams, associating experiences to memories, brains are an endless source of mystery and possibility.

  • Feet and Arthritis

    April 1, 2022

    While our feet are relatively small parts of our body when compared to the rest of it, foot health is an important part of our overall health. Notably, feet are our basic form of transportation, getting us to where we need to go. Even with cars, we have to first walk to the car, use our feet to operate the pedals, and then walk to our destination once the car is parked.

  • Setting SMART Goals

    March 29, 2022

    Declaring our goals is an easy task, but oftentimes we find ourselves within a week having slipped back into our old habits, or not having made any progress in achieving the new goal. It can be hard to take the leap from setting a goal to actually accomplishing it. If you find yourself unable to apply yourself to your goals, SMART goals might be the tool you need.

  • Healing After a Broken Bone

    March 25, 2022

    Fracturing a bone is, sadly, a very common experience among older adults. As many as one fourth of men and half of women over the age of 50 will experience a fracture in their lifetime, so if you’ve suffered a broken bone as a result of a fall or other trauma, you’re not alone.

  • Frailty and Dementia

    March 22, 2022

    Most of us understand the definition of the word frail, and often we find ourselves using it to describe older adults we might see shuffling slowly, using a cane or walker, or suffering from vision and hearing impairments.

  • Reasons Your Sleep Might Be Suffering

    March 18, 2022

    This March happens to be the second anniversary of when COVID-19 was officially declared to be a pandemic. The amount of huge, impactful changes to our daily lives and society as a whole have been impossible to miss, and one of the consequences of it all has been a drastically increased rate of people reporting sleep problems, especially for those of us in the senior citizen demographic. While there are myriad reasons one may be suffering from a lack of quality, restful sleep, here are some possible culprits.

  • What Your Caregivers Want You to Know

    March 15, 2022

    Aging can sometimes be a lot to deal with, and even the most independent seniors don’t truly do it one hundred percent alone. Every task, no matter how small it may seem, when taken together as a whole can become overwhelming and leave you feeling exhausted.

  • Aging, Insomnia, and Memory Loss

    March 11, 2022

    The most common sleep disorder at any age of life is insomnia. And while it affects people of all ages, nearly half of all adults over the age of 60 have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. And while you might think that poor sleep is merely just an annoyance, something that can be easily remedied and countered with an occasional nap, over the counter sleep aid, or sleeping in late in the morning, the truth is that untreated insomnia can create a significant sleep debt in someone’s life, and can take a serious toll on a senior’s mental and physical health.

  • Ischemic Strokes in the Elderly

    March 8, 2022

    Ischemic strokes occur when an artery supplying the brain with blood becomes blocked, which naturally decreases or even completely stops blood flow, which causes a brain infarction. Approximately 80 percent of all strokes are of this type. As clotting problems become more frequent with age, it is of particular concern for those of us caring for seniors, or perhaps aging into that demographic ourselves.

  • Common Infections in Seniors

    March 4, 2022

    For older adults, infectious diseases account for one third of all deaths in people over the age of 65. It is for this reason that infection prevention and early detection are crucial for seniors, to reduce that risk and stay as healthy as possible. Due to the common physical changes brought about by the aging process, as well as the unique concerns of senior lifestyles, there are several infections that are most commonly seen amongst seniors.

  • Pain Management and Aging

    March 1, 2022

    Chronic pain is not a normal part of aging and can disrupt your daily activities and damage your quality of life. If you suffer chronic pain, knowing strategies to reduce your discomfort can allow you to cope with pain and keep it from being too detrimental to your life.

  • The Internet for Seniors

    February 25, 2022

    For many older adults who grew up in a world where the internet was something that only the most forward thinking science fiction could have conceived of, it can be hard to learn to navigate it and use it the way that the younger generations who have never been without it seem to do effortlessly. A study from the UK in 2021, however, showed that older retired adults who use the internet score much higher on cognitive tests than those who do not. The protective effect was most dramatically effective amongst retired women, but the men who used the internet similarly scored higher on tests of memory, attention, spatial abilities, and problem solving.

  • Great Reasons to Socialize

    February 22, 2022

    No man is an island, is how the saying goes, and we humans as a species evolved with a strong need and reliance upon social contact. According to neurologists, the area of our brain that is responsible for communicating and interacting with other people is very large and well-developed. When we spend too much time alone, our mood and mental health can suffer greatly. This is of particular interest to older adults, who, for a variety of reasons, may find themselves having difficulty maintaining social bonds and experiencing regular personal interactions. While it can be challenging to go out of our way to maintain existing and forge new social connections, it is as critical for our overall health as regular visits with a physician.

  • Concerning Constipation

    February 18, 2022

    Constipation is something that almost everyone experiences at some point in their life. While it can sometimes be a cause of embarrassment or frustration, usually it’s nothing serious. Older adults are more likely than younger people to become constipated, and because of the sensitivity of the subject, learning how to manage and overcome it is sometimes unknown.