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Serving Scottsdale and surrounding areas.
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Is Home Care Right For Me?

Choosing to get additional in-home support for yourself or a loved one is an important decision. In some cases, a physician may recommend certain services that can be received at home following a fall, surgery, or an illness. But in other cases, the need for in-home care may not be as clear. How do you know if the time is right to get some additional support in your home?

This eight-question quiz is designed to help address a variety of factors that are critical to your loved one’s safety and well-being, including family support, mobility, memory, social interactions and personal hygiene. Upon completion of the quiz, you will receive a quantifiable score that will indicate your loved one’s level of at-home independence and self-sufficiency.

Quiz: Is home care right for me?


Family Support

My loved one has easy access to a caring support system of family and friends that he/she can rely on for daily assistance with physical, financial, and emotional needs. These family members and friends can provide this support willingly, without compromising their own daily lives and schedules.



My loved one is very mobile and can walk indoors and outdoors easily, without falling. He/she can get into and out of bed, chairs, showers and tubs easily, and can climb stairs without slipping or pausing.



My loved one can safely operate an automobile and navigate streets and highways.



My loved one has a good memory and can remember the names and personal histories of loved ones. He/she can remember to perform important daily tasks such as locking doors, turning off stove burners, taking medications, etc.



My loved one can follow medical directions consistently and read prescriptions correctly. He/she can manage a complex daily prescription regimen and take all of the proper medications without supervision. My loved one is able to monitor their medical condition by checking their vital signs (Blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, etc.)


Meal Preparation

My loved one can cook for himself/herself on a regular basis, shop for groceries without assistance, and keeps the home well-stocked with fresh and healthy foods.


Personal Hygiene

My loved one showers or bathes regularly and keeps clothing laundered and fresh. He/she pays attention to personal hygiene and personal appearance as much as he/she did five years ago.


Home Safety

My loved one's home offers a safe environment for living and socializing; my loved one keeps it clean, well heated and cooled, and free from pests. The house is free from clutter and hazards (loose rugs, exposed wiring, slippery tile, uneven surfaces, etc.), and my loved one would know what to do in the case of an emergency.


Social Interactions

My loved one is active and can socialize with others both inside and outside the home. He/she maintains the same level of social activity and friendships that he/she did five years ago.