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Serving Scottsdale and surrounding areas.
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Serving Scottsdale and surrounding areas.
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Music for Seniors

Music is one of the common threads of humanity that unites us all. Music can uplift and inspire us, and each person alive will undoubtedly have memories of times and experiences connected to certain songs. Additionally, science has shown that music and dancing has health benefits as well. For seniors, however, lifestyle changes and aging bodies make it difficult to keep and maintain a music collection, and changing tastes and public opinion can make finding the music they enjoyed in their youth that much more challenging. Fear not, however, as solutions to this exist in the form of digital and streaming music services.

While the internet can be a strange and confusing place for seniors to navigate, taking the initiative to ask a more savvy friend or relative for help, or signing up for a computer literacy class, can reap many benefits, one of which is access to a great many songs and recordings produced by humans at almost anytime, anywhere.

YouTube, primarily known as a video sharing site, also hosts a great deal of musical content. From recordings of concerts, music videos, and whole albums, the users have made it a great place to find music throughout the ages.

Spotify is another streaming service, with several advantages such as higher quality recordings, and being able to more easily search by artists, albums, song titles, and construct playlists. Additionally, there are many pre-assembled playlists, categorized by genre, decade, mood, and more. Going online with your music also has the upside of requiring no space in your home, meaning no need to make room for, dust, organize, or even get up to fuss about with records or CDs.