Gifts for Bedridden Adults
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Serving Scottsdale and surrounding areas.
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Gifts for Bedridden Adults

No one wants to end up confined to a bed and become a bedridden patient, for any reason. But the sad reality is that things like illnesses or infirmity brought about by the aging process may incapacitate someone, preventing them from moving or standing, which causes them to spend most, if not all, their waking hours laying in bed. For obvious reasons this is incredibly depressing and mentally taxing. If you have a loved one who is bedridden, consider going out of your way and making time to purchase and gift them something to cheer them up and let them know you’re still thinking of them.

Unfortunately, restricted movement and having to spend the whole day in bed can result in consequences such as aches, pain, and discomfort, so gifts that can alleviate that are an excellent choice. The challenges and unique situation of being bedridden can make finding practical gifts a complex process. After all, when your daily life is spent laying down in bed, it limits the options available to you to make use of gadgets and things active people don’t think twice about using.

A sitting pillow is an excellent gift for a bedridden individual. While for those of us healthy enough to live a normal life cycle of rising in the morning and returning to bed each night, our beds are a source of comfort and relaxation, it is paradoxically cruel that spending every moment in bed is actually taxing. Muscles and bones will begin to ache, especially in pressure points where the weight of the body is supported against the bed. For immobile people, pain and discomfort is an everyday occurrence. Many bedridden patients find it difficult to find a comfortable sitting position in bed. Little and large cushions and pillows may be able to make a temporary backrest, but over time they shift and become uncomfortable. A sitting pillow, one that sits upright and provides firm, solid support for a seated position and includes armrests may make it easier for your loved one to do activities like read or watch tv in bed.

An adjustable laptop desk intended for beds is another excellent idea. These tables have a wide enough distance between the supports to allow them to be placed over the legs or upper body, allowing something like a computer or anything else meant for the tabletop to be at arms reach.

Bedridden patients sometimes focus on the negatives of their situation and will neglect things like self care. A personalized gift bag with various self care items like lotions and other cosmetic and grooming items like wipes or dry shampoo can go a long way in helping bedridden patients stay clean and hygienic, which can boost mood and improve their morale.

Not all gifts need to be functional. A heartfelt gift is as meaningful as anything else, so something like a photo book makes an excellent gift idea. Go through your family albums and select your favorite meaningful pictures of your loved one, and compile them into an album they can look through at their leisure to remind themselves of joyous times.