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Serving Scottsdale and surrounding areas.
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Serving Scottsdale and surrounding areas.
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Caregiving Essentials

If you’re working as a caregiver, oftentimes you have access to a senior that their friends, family, and other loved ones do not. Because of this, you may be able to spot things and warning signs that may be hidden or otherwise fly under the radar from them, allowing you to oftentimes be their first line of defense. Especially considering that as a caregiver, you will see them in some of their most vulnerable moments.

Daily routines are essential for putting your loved one in a better mood and keeping their spirits high. When seniors are suffering from multiple chronic conditions, including memory disorders, a morning ritual can kick-start their energy levels and motor skills, triggering their mind into knowing it’s a new day and time to get going.

Subtle clues can be an indicator to much bigger problems. If a senior is suddenly asking for help with reading, don’t assume they just want to be read a story. It could be an indicator of failing eyesight. Many seniors are too proud to admit they need help with basic tasks, so a sudden new request, or an increasingly repeated one could be a clue that something bigger is going on.

Many times, family members don’t quite understand the difficulties that their older loved ones experience, as they may not be around for the worst part of it each day. As a caregiver, you can help facilitate communication and help their loved ones better understand their needs and difficulties. Consider that a family might go on walks together, but if their aged relative has difficulty moving, they might seem like they don’t want to participate. By helping them to realize the reality, you can encourage more understanding.