Spotlight on: Catherine M.
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Meet Catherine M.

This is her story...

Trust. When it comes to the care of a loved one, nothing is more important. Senior Helpers Boston and South Shore client Catherine is all too aware of this. After a devastating experience with another home care company caring for her husband, Catherine was hesitant to extend her trust for her own care. She had recently had a fall, leading to an additional diagnosis, and was no longer able to drive. A neighbor recommended Catherine call Senior Helpers after they had provided excellent care for her mother. Catherine was hesitant to try another company, but based on the strong recommendation, she decided to give it a try. Now, Catherine couldn’t be happier with her decision.

When Senior Helpers’ registered nurse Robyn Shea first visited Catherine to perform the LIFE Profile assessment, she found a woman who was lively and independent, but also still deeply grieving the loss of her husband. The LIFE Profile results confirmed her initial impression—Catherine scored well in most areas of the assessment. She had many services already in place, minimal health needs and medications, and a home that was free of common risk factors. What Catherine needed was an ally to help her feel that she could leave the house whenever she wanted, and more importantly, a friend with whom she could chat and share stories about her husband and family. Robyn knew that focusing on Catherine’s Quality of Life, one of the five key outcomes of the LIFE Profile assessment, would be crucial to Catherine continuing to successfully age in place and avoid future hospitalizations.

Service started with Senior Helpers caregiver Jennifer making sure Catherine got to her weekly appointment at her hair salon, an outing she looks forward to every week. Jennifer escorts Catherine in, makes sure she is settled, chats while they wait, and brings her safely home. A fellow salon client even commented on how Jennifer was so friendly and took such great care of Catherine and was surprised to find out that Jennifer is her caregiver. Of course, Catherine sung her praises and shared how much she is enjoying being a Senior Helpers client.

While Catherine’s children make sure she gets to her medical treatments, Jennifer helps Catherine pick up packages, shop, and takes her to any other appointments. Recently, Jennifer started doing Catherine’s grocery shopping for her as well.

“With my diagnosis, I have to be careful and can’t be exposed to germs. I need Jennifer to help me so I don’t have to go out into public as much,” Catherine says.

While it is important for Catherine to take caution for her health, it also means that her social interactions can be limited. She enjoys regular visits from her three children and five grandchildren, who live locally. But the recent passing of her husband and her own diagnosis has been hard. Catherine has always been very independent, enjoying volunteering, socializing, and just getting out and about. She quickly connected with Jennifer, who recently lost her father.

Robyn says that Catherine and Jennifer are a great match. “They have a lot in common and have developed a great relationship. Jennifer really helps with the social aspect, even though Catherine didn’t even know she was looking for that originally.”

Catherine knows that Senior Helpers is there “to do anything I need to make my life simpler or easier.” At some point, she may need to increase the amount and types of services she receives. With Senior Helpers already in place, Catherine can trust that compassionate, reliable, and professional care is only a call away.