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Why Seniors Should Use Social Media

While the idea of getting into social media can be daunting for older adults, entering into the world of this emergent technology can have countless benefits for seniors. You might be surprised to learn that the pop culture portrayals of seniors as out of touch, and the world of Facebook, Twitter, and more as something exclusively reserved for the younger generations of Millennials and Zoomers, could not be further from the truth. In truth, survey data suggests that more seniors use social media on a daily basis than read daily newspapers anymore.

These days, social media can be easily and simply accessed through smartphones, laptops, and tablet computers, such as the iPad or the Amazon Fire. By using social media, you can enjoy such benefits as:

●     Staying in touch: Social media sites like Facebook make it easy to reach friends and family members regardless of distance. Video calling services like Skype or Zoom make face-to-face conversations simple, allowing you to better be a part of the lives of your children, grandchildren, former classmates, or military buddies.

●     Health benefits: Regular contact with friends and family through the use of social media can help lessen any feelings of isolation. Getting out of the house can be a challenge for many seniors, and the problems of Coronavirus have only compounded that. Using social media to facilitate regular social interaction will not only improve any feelings of loneliness, it will also help keep your mind active, engaged, and sharp.

●     Hobbies and interests: Social media networks are a great place to gather for exchanging hobby tips or share mutual experiences. No matter what your interest, there’s undoubtedly a page or blog or forum where enthusiasts gather to discuss and trade tips and stories.

●     Stay engaged: With the internet boom, many news media outlets have shifted their reporting to an online basis. Finding the website or social media page of your local news reporting service or your favorite national news site is a snap these days. By following these pages, you can make sure to stay apprised of any developments in your community, along with national and world events.

●     Find common ground intergenerationally: Kids these days love using the internet for everything. By making yourself part of social media, you can participate and find things to talk about with your younger relatives. From funny animal videos on YouTube, dances on TikTok, or even following what kind of music is currently popular, you can make it happen on social media.

Getting started on social media can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve never had cause to increase your tech-savviness before. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can seek help in setting it up. Asking your kids or other younger relatives to help you with it is a great start. Adult learning centers usually also offer classes geared towards helping older adults with the internet, where you can learn from an instructor and learn the basics to get started. The important thing to remember is to keep an open mind to take advantage of all the benefits social media can offer.