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Veterans Day Ideas

While we appreciate the brave citizens who have served for our country every day throughout the year, Vetertan’s day is a special dedicated to go above and beyond to show our valiant service members how much we care for and appreciate their sacrifice. Traditionally, when November 11th rolls around, we would see parties and parades and formal ceremonies in celebration of Veteran’s day. However, 2020 is looking a bit different since the Coronavirus pandemic poses such a safety hazard. Just like every other holiday that has come around this year, we are going to have to adapt and modify the way we would typically do things.

One of the best parts about holidays like Veteran’s day and the holiday season in general is that it’s mostly about showing those around you just how much you care. Expressing gratitude and appreciation for our loved ones feels extremely pertinent this year when people, seniors specifically, may be feeling more isolated and alone than ever before. Taking the time to do something a little extra to show a vet that they are being thought of and appreciated can really make a difference. While these ideas may not be as glamorous as a parade, there are various ways to show our appreciation from afar that mean just as much, if not more, while still observing safe practices during this unprecedented time.

Write a Letter

A handwritten letter is something someone can keep to look back on to feel cared for and appreciated for years to come. It can be to a family member or a friend who has served or even someone you don’t know personally, but want to show appreciation to anyways. It could even be all of the above. Letting a veteran know you appreciate the sacrifices they have made haven’t gone unnoticed and sharing the way your life has been impacted because of their service is something they can appreciate in ways we may never be able to comprehend. If you don’t personally know a veteran or if you would like to do something nice for a stranger, get in touch with a local assisted living center or the VA and ask if they know of anyone who you can write to. You never know, you could even make a new friend in the process.

Drive By Parades

Just like drive by birthday parties and baby showers have risen in popularity this year, you could organize a drive by Veteran’s Day parade. All you would need to do is gather up a few friends, decorate your cars and drive around a local neighborhood to show your support. It’s a fun and creative way to show appreciation to multiple people at one time without having to spend too much time and money trying to organize a socially distanced party. It’s a way to involve your community and bring about a sense of unity during a time when people can feel a little bit distanced which is part of what Veteran’s Day is all about.

Send a Care Package

If you want to do something a little more specific for a loved one a care package is a creative way to show your appreciation. Depending on how you would want to get it to them, you can fill a box or a basket with some of their favorite non-perishable foods as well as a few things to keep them occupied while they’re at home during the holidays. This idea, while a little bit more targeted, is sure to bring a smile to a veteran’s face. Just make sure to have them on video when they open it so you can see how happy you make them.

Visit a Museum

If you’re able, visiting a museum with friends or family to learn more about our nation’s history and the men and women who fought for it is a fun, educational way to celebrate November 11th. Becoming more knowledgeable about our country’s history may even help you to appreciate the sacrifice of the citizens who are a part of our armed forces even more. If possible, it could be beneficial to bring a vet along to spend the day with and appreciate the history with you.

Say Thank You

While the grand gestures and gifts are great, sometimes a simple thank you is all it takes. If you see a vet while you’re out running errands, or if you know one personally a quick word of thanks or a small act of kindness like paying for their coffee or holding open a door can go a long way in showing how much their service really means to you.

No matter what you do though, be it a simple phone call or a grand gesture of thanks, be sure to show your appreciation on November 11th. The sentiment behind whatever you do can put a smile on their face that day and for many days to come.