Simple Ways to Boost Your Health
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Serving Clovis, Fresno and surrounding areas
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Simple Ways to Boost Your Health

While aging is an unavoidable fact of life, many of the negative effects we associate with aging are actually not. By taking good care of ourselves and living a healthy lifestyle, we can make sure to make the most out of each stage of our lives. There are many ways to boost and improve our physical, mental, emotional, and social health as we age, such as:

  • Stay active: By continuing to use our muscles and joints, we can keep them strong and flexible no matter our age. Working out with a friend, a physical trainer, or in a group class such as yoga or dance is a great way to stay active. If gyms aren’t your idea of a good time, you can always plan outings to both have fun and stay active, killing two birds with one stone. Day hikes, powerwalks around local parks or other points of interest, or regular outings to zoos or arboretums with your friends can all keep you strong and limber.
  • Eat healthily: The food we eat is what runs our bodies, so getting a healthful diet rich in nutrients and vitamins will go a long way towards ensuring our bodies stay at the top of the game. If you don’t know where to start with healthy eating, consulting with your primary care provider could be a step in the right direction, or you could try consulting with a nutritionist or dietician. Many healthcare centers or adult learning schools will have short, informative classes on healthy diet and nutrition that you can sign up for as well. Involving your friends and family, hosting or participating in regularly scheduled group dinners and potlucks is a great way to ensure you’re eating healthfully, as well as continuing to see and interact with your loved ones.
  • Stay social: Isolation and depression are sadly, extremely common problems among seniors. Mental health plays just as important a role in our quality of life as bodily health, and staying happy, engaged, and social helps us greatly. Joining up for social clubs, volunteering, group classes, or hobby groups based around activities you enjoy is a great way to prevent social isolation. Additionally, the unique and novel challenges and interactions that come as part of that keep our minds engaged and working, helping to prevent mental decline due to dementia.
  • Get recommended care: Staying proactive when it comes to your health can head off any potential health problems that can reduce our quality of life. Discuss your health history and lifestyle with your doctor to identify any potential risk factors, and what you can do about them, as well as any health tests or screenings you can schedule.
  • Stay positive: While not every part of life will be all roses, too much negative thinking can have severe detrimental effects on our mental and emotional health. Positive thinking can help to ward off depression, so try to focus on the good things in life. Make a habit out of trying to find joy each day, maybe through a fun activity like journaling, or writing down one good thing each day to save in a jar.