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Serving Clovis, Fresno and surrounding areas
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Finding the Right In Home Care Agency

Trying to find the right in-home care provider for a loved one, or for yourself, can be stressful. You want to make sure you’re hiring somebody that you trust, someone who is qualified and knows how to do their job, and someone you and your loved ones will get along with. A simple google search will open the door to so many agencies and independent caregivers that you may not know what to do with all of the information or where to start. In efforts to ease the burden of searching for the perfect caregiver, here are a few things to look out for:

  1. A quality home care agency should be able to assess the types of assistance you or a loved one will need in order to make sure you get the right services from the right caregiver. They should be able to assess your loved ones physical and mental condition, as well as their living environment in order to determine the level of care needed.
  2. Match caregivers and clients based on their personalities and needs. As mentioned before, a home care agency should assess the client and the environment they live in. This includes getting to know the clients themselves. If a client and their caregiver don’t get along or are uncomfortable around one another, things aren’t going to work out. It’s also important to make sure the caregiver is able to handle the type and level of care the client requires. Personality and skill level are key.
  3. The agency should have extensive experience in hiring compassionate and dependable employees. A company is only as good as it’s employees. It’s important to make sure you work with an agency who prioritizes compassion, reliability, and skill to ensure you or your loved one receives the best care possible.
  4. Caregivers should be monitored and have their work performance evaluated to ensure high quality care. While watching over every caregiver in the home may be a little unrealistic, it’s important to make sure that caregivers are held accountable. One of the things Senior Helpers does is offer periodic training for our caregivers to ensure they are competent and able to provide the best possible care for our clients. We make sure to address the concerns of our clients as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Lastly, we’ll do periodic reevaluations of the home to make sure both the caregiver and the care plan are effective.
  5. An agency should thoroughly screen the work history of every caregiver and employee, including criminal background checks. You should be able to trust the people entering your home and caring for your family. A reliable agency should do the legwork that will help you to do that.
  6. A quality home care agency will be licensed, insured, and bonded. The caregiver entering your home should be bonded to protect you from potential financial loss and responsibility. The company you want to work with must have extensive insurance, including Professional and General Liability, Non-Owned Auto, a Dishonesty Bond, and Workers Compensation policies.



Don’t hesitate to ask the tough, important questions when it comes to selecting an in home care provider. You want to make sure the agency you choose is flexible and able to alter the plan of care as their client’s needs change and evolve. Take the time to make sure the relationship you have with your care provider is consistent and in the best interest of yourself or your loved one.

There are dozens upon dozens of home care agencies out there to choose from. Make sure that their main goal is to handle all of the details of care so that the families they care for can focus on spending quality time together. Ensure that they treat their clients with the dignity, respect, and compassion they deserve and hire caregivers that commit to that same ideal. Senior Helpers settles for nothing less, and neither should you.