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Serving McKinney and surrounding areas.
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Elderly Care and COVID-19: How to Find The Right Home Care Match for Your Loved One

Finding home care for elderly loved ones is a challenge in normal times. COVID-19 creates even more challenges because it requires us to stay apart or do things remotely. Despite this added challenge, it’s still possible to find the right COVID-19 elder care match for your loved one in Wylie, TX. Keep reading to find out how to hire the right agency during this pandemic.

Safety First

Safety is top-of-mind for family members in search of COVID-19 senior in-home care for their loved ones right now. A prospective agency’s response to COVID-19 is one way of narrowing down the list of agencies in your area. The agency should be able to tell you how they are taking precautions with their elderly care staff and how the staff are protecting their clients. Some keywords to look out for in conversation and printed resources include:

-   Frequent and washing.

-   Disinfecting surfaces.

-   Wearing a mask if the caregiver has to run errands.

-   Providing basic supplies such as masks, and hand sanitizer to employees.

Experience Matters

Every person is different and so are their care needs. So experience matters. Ask your prospective agency if a licensed home caregiver has specific experience and training caring for clients with conditions such as:

-  Alzheimer’s or dementia.

-  Diabetes.

-  Wounds.

-  Ambulation issues.


The prospective agency should be able to provide trusted in-home senior care. Can they match your loved one with a caregiver who understands how to handle clients who are reluctant to accept personal care? If your loved one won’t comply with dietary restrictions or medication instructions, will the caregiver know how to handle the situation?

Making a Plan

Knowing what kind of senior home health care your loved one needs can be daunting. Ask your prospective agency if they conduct care assessments. Think about the kind of home care assistance they offer and compare the options to find the right fit. Your agency should also be able to develop a care plan in consultation with you and your loved one. The plan should cover what the caregiver will do, what hours they will work, and how flexible schedules are, especially in the event of an emergency.

If you’re not sure what type of home care services your loved one needs in Wylie, TX, contact the Senior Helpers of Mckinney office. Our staff will help walk you through the process of finding the best elderly care options for your loved one.

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