Senior Helpers understands the difficulties that a family faces when every day activities and personal tasks become challenging for a loved one to complete on their own as a result of an injury, medical condition, or simply part of the aging process. For the majority of senior citizens, being able to stay at home when they are sick and as they age is of the utmost importance. But an unfortunate reality of aging is that some basic personal care tasks become difficult.

That’s where Senior Helpers and our professional caregivers can help.

Personal Care Services

Our in-home personal care services offer families the opportunity to take time out from caregiving responsibilities, leaving their loved one in the hands of a trusted Senior Helpers caregiver. Our caregivers provide sensitive, confidential care in a way that respects your loved one’s dignity and wellbeing while helping them to remain independent for as long as possible.

Senior Helpers Personal Care Services include, but are not limited to the following*:

  • Safe bathing environment—Our caregivers eliminate any risk of falling during bathing or showering by creating a safe bathing environment for your loved one.
  • Personal hygiene assistance—Taking care of personal hygiene can help senior citizens look and feel their best, whether it involves hair styling, shaving, or anything in between.
  • Diet monitoring—Eating a balanced diet with the right nutrients is important during aging, and some clients have strict diets to follow for their health.
  • Meal planning—Whether your loved one needs help going to the store for ingredients, preparing the meals, or even eating, Senior Helpers caregivers can make this a fun, social experience.
  • Assistance with dressing—Getting dressed for the day, putting pajamas on at night, or even just changing into a fresh set of clothes can make a big difference in how a person feels. Sometimes this small thing has a big impact on your loved one’s wellbeing.
  • Walking assistance—Mobility is increasingly important as we age. We help your family member get from place to place safely and confidently.
  • Assistance with restroom use—Using the restroom with dignity is necessary for people to be happy and stay healthy.

We understand the sensitive nature of many of these personal care tasks, and our caregivers treat each client with the utmost compassion and respect. In helping our clients live as independently as possible, we strive toward creating meaningful interactions that build trust between clients and caregivers. There can be no greater peace of mind than knowing that your loved one is in the caring hands of someone that both of you can trust.

Personal Attention, Customized Services

At Senior Helpers, we are in the business of meeting our clients’ needs without piling on extra, unnecessary things. As a result, our personal care services are tailored to meet the individual needs of each one of our clients. If your mom needs help with meal preparation but is comfortable dressing on her own, one of our caregivers will be there when she needs them. Similarly, if your dad needs assistance with his personal hygiene and dressing, our caregivers are professional and compassionate from start to finish. These are just two scenarios that may come up; whatever works best for your loved one and your family is what works best for us.

Even better, personal care services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including all holidays and weekends. These services are completely customizable to fit your schedule and that of your loved one. We are accustomed to working with families to find the perfect solution for their loved ones.

Contact Us

If you would like to know more about our personal care services, or to speak with a Senior Helpers elder care expert about creating a customized care plan for your loved one, please contact us today.


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