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Serving Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas.
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Serving Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas.
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Senior Helpers & Sensi.Ai

Senior Helpers In-home Virtual Care Agent

You can rest assured that your loved ones are getting just the right amount of professional care, at the highest quality standards, while having the peace of mind of 24/7 support.

What is Remote Care Monitoring?

Senior Helpers Myrtle Beach has partnered with Sensi to provide Remote Care Monitoring services to our clients and families. Sensi is an automated system that is able to analyze sensory data from care environments and give care providers actionable insight. Sensi supports 24-hour monitoring with alerts for all anomolies as part of your service package. It enables us to stay on top of things, to know that everything’s ok, and to be notified if it isn’t. Sensi will provide your loved one an added layer of support, and you with peace of mind.

How does it work? 

Sensi collects audio from wall-mounted sensors to monitor the care environment. By tracking the environment over time, Sensi is able to detect anomalies and identify trends that might require our attention. When Sensi detects an unusual event, it will notify us, so we can take action and notify you if necessary.

What is considered an anomaly?

An unusual sound that’s not part of a normal daily routine could trigger Sensi. Common examples are a person in distress, a fall or an atypical interaction or activity.

Who will receive Sensi's notifications?

Senior Helpers Myrtle Beach will receive the notifications, and will notify your family if necessary. The security and privacy of your information are very important to us. Sensi's system uses the highest standard of security to stoe and process the information, and will only notify us if it detects an event that might require our attention.