2022 Senior Helpers Media Coverage
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News and Media - 2022

Senior Helpers Leverages Data-Driven Assessment Tool To Decrease Rehospitalizations

(December 2022) Three years ago, Senior Helpers rolled out its Life, Independence, Function, Evaluation (LIFE) Profile assessment tool. The hope was to break the unfortunate – but typical – cycle of injury, hospitalization and rehospitalization. Since its implementation, Senior Helpers has seen success utilizing its LIFE Profile tool to stop what the company refers to as the “revolving door of hospitalizations.” In fact, the tool has helped lower seniors’ risk of an “unsafe occurrence” or hospitalization by over 70%. Click here to read more.

New in-home senior care branch opens in Littleton

(December 2022) Senior Helpers now has five Colorado locations! Click here to read more. 

Reimagining Senior Care with Senior Helpers’ LIFE Profile

(November 2022) Peter Ross, CEO of Senior Helpers In-Home Care joins the Aging Today Podcast. Senior Helpers is pioneering the home care industry’s first data-driven client assessment tool, LIFE Profile. This tool provides a whole new look at how the company keeps clients safe at home and improves their quality of life by understanding their individual care needs. This is the future of in-home care, and you won’t want to miss it! Click here to listen. 

With caregivers in demand, new unique training facility opens in Milwaukee

(November 2022) Senior Helpers is an organization that has been around for a little over a decade. It recently opened up a new training facility in Milwaukee near Howard and 27th Street.

80 Quotes That Will Resonate With Anyone Who Has Ever Loved Someone With Alzheimer's 

(November 2022) If you've had a parent or grandparent that has been impacted by this disease—or if you yourself are experiencing it—then you know how debilitating and painful it can be. In those challenging and uncertain moments, it’s helpful to have strength and support from a community of people who understand what you’re going through. Because really, you are not alone. Here, you will find our collection of enlightening and inspiring Alzheimer's quotes and sayings gathered from a wide range of sources.

Senior Helpers opening Sheboygan County location on Monday, November 7th 

(November 2022) One of the nation’s leading providers of in-home senior care will be bringing its services to Sheboygan County when Senior Helpers opens its newest location at 710 Eastern Ave., Suite 2 in Plymouth on Monday, Nov. 7. Learn more about this specific location here.

Senior Helpers: Opens State-Of-The-Art Caregiver Training Facility in MilWaukee, Wisconsin, September 28th 

(October 2022) Senior Helpers, the nation’s premier provider of personalized, in-home senior care, today announced the official opening of the Senior Helpers Center of Excellence in Caregiving at its Milwaukee, Wisconsin location.

9 Best Medical Alert Systems in 2022 (Not Life Alert)

(October 2022) The best medical alert systems are Medical Guardian, LifeFone, Bay Alarm, and others found in this guide. Our experts compare the top medical alert devices based on price, safety, range, and more.

15 Best Workplaces in Aging Services: At-Home Care

(September 2022) To determine the Best Workplaces in Aging Services in 2022, Fortune partnered with global people analytics firm Great Place to Work to analyze survey feedback representing more than 140,000 U.S. employees.

Home-Based Care Organizations Grab Spots On ‘Best Workplaces in Aging Services’ List

(September 2022) Fortune Magazine’s annual “Best Workplaces in Aging Services” list once again features a number of familiar names from the home-based care space. The top-15 home-based care organizations on this year’s list include ComForCare, Senior Helpers, 24 Hour Home Care, Compass Care and Reliant at Home. SCAN Health Plan was also included.

Senior Care Company Opens In Bolingbrook

(September 2022) Senior Helpers, a provider of personalized in-home senior care,is now open in Bolingbrook. The franchise is managed and operated by Kara Fairhurst, and will serve senior citizens and their families in Bolingbrook, Downers Grove, Darien, Joliet and surrounding towns, according to a release from the business.

Senior Helpers® Opens Doors in Lexington, SC

(August 2022) Senior Helpers®, one of the nation’s premier providers of personalized in-home senior care, today announced the official opening of its Lexington, South Carolina location to be managed and operated by Jean Craig and Susan Collins. The new franchise will serve senior citizens and their families in Lexington, Irmo, West Columbia, Cayce, Columbia, Harbison and the surrounding areas, and it hopes to bring more than 75 new jobs to the region over the next year. Senior Helpers’ professionally trained caregivers will help local seniors continue to enjoy the comfort of their own home despite age-related illnesses and mobility challenges.

Senior Helpers Opens its Doors in Elmira

(August 2022) Senior Helpers, a local in-home senior care company, officially opened their doors Tuesday in Elmira. The new company will serve senior citizens and their families in Elmira, Ithaca, Corning, Horseheads, and the surrounding areas. Senior Helpers' professionally trained caregivers will help local seniors continue to enjoy home life despite age-related illnesses and mobility challenges.

Senior Care Company Opens New Location in Lexington, Adds Jobs to Community

(August 2022) Senior Helpers announced the opening of a new office in Lexington. The business franchise provides senior citizens and their families specialized caregiver support for patients with Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

The Next Frontier In Home-Based Care Recruiting: Gen Z And Millennial Workers

(August 2022) There are a number of potential avenues to take to address the staffing needs in home-based care over the next decade. But one that will absolutely have to be taken is the one that leads to more millennial and Generation Z workers entering the space. Learn more here

Why More Home Care Franchises Are Seeing Value in Company-Owned Locations

(June 2022) As more home care franchise companies begin to embrace company-owned or corporate-owned locations, veterans in the space are analyzing the return on investment of their long-held locations.

Senior Helpers® Earns Coveted Great Place to Work® Certification for Fourth Consecutive Year

(June 2022) Senior Helpers® is proud to announce it has achieved the prestigious Great Place to Work® certification for the fourth consecutive year. As the first national in-home care company to be awarded this distinction in 2019, Senior Helpers' rapidly growing business is dedicated to continually providing safe, quality and compassionate care to older adults, helping to alleviate the stresses associated with caregiving for seniors and their families.

9 Best Medical Alert Systems in 2022 

(May 2022) The best medical alert systems are Medical Guardian, LifeFone, Bay Alarm, and others found in this guide. Our experts compare the top medical alert devices based on price, safety, range, and more.

Senior Helpers in Geneva to Provide Local In-House Senior Care to Fox Valley Seniors, Families 

(May 2022) Senior Helpers’ professionally trained caregivers will help local seniors continue to enjoy the comfort of their own home despite age-related illnesses and mobility challenges, the release stated. A new Senior Helpers franchise in Geneva is now open and will serve local senior citizens and their families, according to a news release.

Senior Helpers opens on East Brown Road in Mesa 

(May 2022) Senior Helpers, which provides personalized in-home senior care, recently opened a site at 6336 E. Brown Road Suite No. 101 in Mesa to be managed and operated by Shaun and Tiffany Phelan. The new location will serve senior citizens and their families throughout Mesa and Apache Junction. 

Over 50? Stop Doing These Things Right Now Says Geriatrician

(May 2022) We all age. It's an inevitable but manageable natural process everyone experiences. It is HOW we age that determines the quality of life we enjoy. The "how we age" is influenced by our choice of behaviors that ultimately affects how our aging plays out.

Doing This in the Bathroom Could Be an Early Sign of Dementia, Doctor Warns

(May 2022) The debilitating effects of dementia make it crucial to look for early signs of the disease. While there is currently no cure, identifying the onset of Alzheimer's and other conditions that cause cognitive decline can help people seek treatment as early as possible for the symptoms and progression of the disease.

The #1 Sign You Have Dementia, According to a Doctor

(April 2022) The brain disorder known as dementia is increasingly common: more than 6.5 million Americans have the condition, and that number is expected to rise dramatically in the next few decades, as the over-60 population increases. Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia. Click here to learn more. 

Signs You Have Aphasia Like Bruce Willis, According to Experts 

(April 2022) Dr. Dan shares, "Aphasia is a condition that affects a person's ability to communicate and express oneself. The term 'Aphasia' represents expressive and receptive components. Expressive aphasia typically manifests as difficulty in word finding within one's speech or writing—meaning you know in your head what you wish to say, but quite literally can't find the words to say it. 

8 Home Care Leaders Break Down What Service Lines They Plan to Further Invest In

(April 2022) And with changing times comes evolution. For home care leaders, this means identifying what types of investments will move the needle forward for their companies. Some have set their sights on beefing up their telehealth services, while others are positioning themselves to tackle the growing needs of seniors living with dementia.

What It Means if a Family Member Has Aphasia vs. Dementia 

(April 2022) The vast majority of people tend to closely associate aphasia with dementia and other neurodegenerative disorders, so I'll go into the similarities and differences between aphasia versus dementia as well.

Senior Helpers CEO Peter Ross: Home Care Economics Means Making ‘Some Hard Decisions’ 

(March 2022) Home care franchise giant Seniors Helpers entered this year with big ambitions, partly fueled by its April 2021 acquisition by Advocate Aurora Enterprises. Those ambitions include new data initiatives to take the international home care provider to the next level, as well as staffing investments to help win the workforce battle, according to co-founder and CEO Peter Ross.

3 tough topics to discuss with your aging parents 

(March 2022) Communication is key for any relationship. But with aging parents, there may be a few different conversations you should consider. Start these conversations early and don’t wait for a crisis to have them — you may have fewer options and may need to make quick decisions.

What’s new: Street Corner bodega debuts at Metro at Main; Fontana retail center sells for $70.5 million 

(March 2022) Street Corner isn’t a new concept, but it’s a first for the city and the Inland Empire. While the franchise-based store has been around for 32 years, its retail space puts a modern twist on the classic city bodega. Calling itself an “express”-style store, it sells groceries, grab-and-go meals and snacks, coffee, beer and wine. Food items include sandwiches, wraps, salads, breakfast items and organic products, Frazil slushies and other cold treats.

Disrupt Podcast #54: Peter Ross, CEO of Senior Helpers 

(March 2022) For this episode of Disrupt, Home Health Care News caught up with Peter Ross, the CEO of in-home care franchise giant Senior Helpers. During the conversation, Ross touched on staffing shortages, the rising cost of home care services and the future of Seniors Helpers.

How Technology Can Support Senior Exercise and Physical Activity 

(March 2022) Exercise plays a key role in health and wellness for all populations, but it’s particularly important for seniors to find ways to stay active. In addition to general best practices, senior care communities can also use technology to help promote exercise and physical activity.

Senior Helpers® Opens Doors in Moanalua, Honolulu 

(March 2022) Senior Helpers®, providers of personalized in-home senior care, today announced the official opening of its Moanalua-Honolulu location, to be managed and operated by Jenny Cambra. The new franchise will serve senior citizens and their families throughout the western end of Honolulu area, which includes Ala Moana, Kaka'ako, Honolulu Metro Area, Salt Lake, Moanalua and more. 

These are the 7 Stages of Dementia, Say Experts 

(February 2022)  Although dementia can be a challenge to diagnose, particularly early on, the condition tends to have seven main stages. ETNT Health spoke with specialists who detailed those stages and what to expect from each.

7 Of The Best GPS Medical Alert Systems with Fall Detection 

(February 2022) The National Institute on Aging recommends medical alert systems—also known as personal emergency response systems—for older adults who live alone, as they are at a higher risk for falls and fall-related injuries compared to younger adults. Medical alert systems with GPS are mobile devices that connect to a monitoring center via cellular network or Wi-Fi. Devices with GPS tracking allow caregivers to always see your location and know if you’re safe. Your exact location is also shared with the monitoring center agent during an emergency.

Dementia Signs Usually Appear in This Order 

(February 2022) Dementia is a syndrome that affects a person's cognitive function, such as thought process, comprehension, learning capability and judgment. Nearly 55 million people worldwide live with dementia, according to the World Health Organization and "there are nearly 10 million new cases every year."

If You’re Over 50, You Need To Get These 7 Vaccines ASAP 

(February 2022) And if it’s not the needle but the potential side effects that make you nervous, don’t worry, trust the science. According to Dr. Dan, vaccines recommended by the CDC “Each have long-term, proven value of safety and efficacy. There is always risk to every medical intervention, but the risks are very low relative to the benefits.” 

Most People Get Alzheimer's This Way, Experts Say   

(February 2022) According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 5.8 million Americans live with Alzheimer's, a disease that causes memory loss. Although there are cases of younger people with Alzheimer's, symptoms usually start after 60, but isn't considered a part of normal aging. While experts still don't know the main cause of Alzheimer's, there are factors that raise the risk of getting the disease. 

Racine & Me: Senior Helpers 

(January 2022) Senior Helpers provides personalized in-home senior care and recently announced the opening of its Racine location. The new franchise will serve senior citizens and their families throughout the Racine area, including Kenosha County and the surrounding areas. Jennifer Payes, her husband, Ivan Payes, and her brother, Gil Atanasoff joined the show to share about Senior Helpers of Racine.

Why Aging in Place Matters 

(January 2022) A study from AARP found that 90% of retired people would prefer to stay in their homes as they age instead of moving to an assisted living facility or even moving in with loved ones. This decision is called “aging in place,” and in addition to being their preference, it also provides many health and financial benefits.  

Dementia Signs That Worry Doctors Most 

(January 2022) A surprisingly high 5.8 million Americans live with dementia according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "Dementia is the loss of cognitive functioning — thinking, remembering, and reasoning — to such an extent that it interferes with a person's daily life and activities. Some people with dementia cannot control their emotions, and their personalities may change," the National Institute on Aging states. While diagnosing dementia can be a challenge at times, particularly in the early stages, there are signs to watch out for that indicate someone has the condition.

Tips to Make the Bathroom a Safe Space for Seniors 

(January 2022) Sometimes the smallest room in the house — the bathroom — can cause the greatest risk. One in four people over age 65 falls each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Bathrooms are a prime place for injuries, with falls causing about 80% of bathroom injuries.

Early Signifiers You Have Dementia, Say Experts 

(January 2022) Dementia is a disorder that affects an estimated 5 million Americans and is defined as "not a specific disease but is rather a general term for the impaired ability to remember, think, or make decisions that interferes with doing everyday activities." Alzheimer's disease is the most common type of dementia. Though dementia mostly affects older adults, it is not a part of normal aging, by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Symptoms can vary person to person, but there are clear signs that indicate someone has dementia.

Best Wheelchair Lifts For Vehicles Of 2022 

(January 2022) At any age, a decline in mobility can make it difficult to maintain your usual lifestyle at home. Fortunately, tools like wheelchair lifts can help you out. They empower people who use wheelchairs to move in and out of their vehicles safely, postponing talks of assisted living facilities and nursing homes and allowing them to age in place comfortably.

Senior Helpers of Peachtree City Named Best of Georgia® Winner 

(January 2022) Senior Helpers®, one of the nation's premier providers of personalized in-home senior care, today announced its location in Peachtree City has been named a 2021 Best of Georgia® winner in Georgia Business Journal's annual readers' poll. Weighing in on the best of everything throughout the state, Georgia Business Journal readers and editors honored Senior Helpers' team in Peachtree City among thousands of businesses and organizations in more than 25 broad business and community sectors.