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We’re Observing Healthy Lung Month a Little Differently This Year

This October we must take a few extra steps to keep our lungs healthy. COVID-19 has been one of the leading causes of respiratory issues since its debut. As the weather cools down, everyone is more susceptible to lung related illness. So, keep you and your loved ones healthy by following some of these tips!

Social Limitations: You don’t have to completely isolate yourself, but it is recommended to still limit your interactions to just close friends and family members. The more people you come across, the more likely you are to come in contact with a COVID-19 carrier. Consider using Zoom or Skype to stay connected while staying healthy!

Wash Your Hands: We all know to wash our hands, but if COVID-19 has taught us anything, the frequency and timing of how we do so is critical. One of the easiest ways for a virus to get in your system is through your hands. We touch many surfaces daily and do not wash our hands right after. Washing your hands for at least 20 seconds after being in public or after sneezing can be the difference in your health. If soap and water are not readily available, using a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol to cover all surfaces of your hands and rubbing your hands together until they feel dry is an acceptable option as well.

Wear a Mask Around Others: Anyone could be carrying the virus and not know it. Masks are a big help in making sure unknown carriers do not accidently spread the virus. It’s not about just helping yourself; wearing a mask can help keep your loved ones safe too!

Keep Track of Changes in Your Health: Small changes you might not usually care about could be symptoms of COVID-19. Be aware of changes such as difficulty breathing, cough, or fever; In older adults (aged 65 and older), normal body temperature can be lower than in younger adults. For this reason, fever temperatures can also be lower in older adults! You should especially keep track of your health changes after meeting with people who do not live in your household. Bottom line: knowing and monitoring your health history is more important than ever!

Disinfect Surfaces Often: Germs can stay on surfaces for as long as a few days! Disinfecting popular surfaces often can help you avoid respiratory viruses like COVID-19. When disinfecting you should wear gloves, use soap and water to clean before a disinfectant, and wash your hands before and after cleaning. 

Following these simple steps are just a few ways to help steer clear of germs and viruses, like COVID-19, that can impact your overall lung health. 

For questions or assistance with daily care for a loved one, contact your local Senior Helpers office today!