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Help Your Older Loved One Enjoy the Holidays Again

Although many seniors feel a sense of joy and comfort during the holidays, many of them also experience the holiday blues. Whether it be from missing passed loved ones or not being able to partake in certain activities, older adults tend to feel increased sadness around these times. As their loved one, there are many things you can do to help them feel excited about this time instead!

Acknowledge Changes in Mood

Becoming aware of your feelings is the first step in overcoming them. With a lot going on during the holidays, it is very common for our older loved ones to feel an overwhelming amount of different feelings. Bottling up one’s feelings can lead to more anger or sadness. To combat this, go out of your way to sit down with your older loved one and ask how they are feeling. You could even start off by explaining how you are feeling so they feel more comfortable expressing themselves as well.

Participate in Your Loved One’s Favorite Activities

If your loved one is having a hard time processing their feelings, engaging in their favorite activities is a good way to distract their mind. It’s easy to become engulfed in your feelings if you are sitting around. Some fun activities we recommend are baking, bird watching, playing games, listening to music, or painting. Participating in one of their favorite activities specifically will not only distract their mind but also warm their heart. If your senior lives further away or you're not able to do this as often as you'd like, companies like Senior Helpers are a great option for companionship!

Get Fresh Air

Being inside all day can create feelings of tiredness, claustrophobia, sadness, and more. The simple action of going outside can help you or your loved one escape the environment and clear their mind. Fresh air and sunshine has proven to help cognitive function and increase mood. If your loved one is capable, going for a short walk can help relieve the holiday blues as well.

Seek out Professional Help

As holiday sadness is a common thing, if you or your loved one is consistently experiencing sadness, feelings of anxiety, depression, or more, contacting a professional is the best way to help.