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5 Essential Tech Tools for Seniors

Technology for Seniors. Mady Easy.

Technology for Seniors. Mady Easy.

Seniors are embracing technology more than ever! Through the use of technology, such as social media tools or virtual reality, seniors can see a decrease in loneliness and, in turn, experience better mental and physical health. 

There are many technology devices that just make life easier and healthier for seniors! Although there is an ongoing stereotype that older adults are leery of technology, research shows that 58 percent of those over 65 years old use the Internet. 

Workforce retirees may have already been accustomed to using computer systems for over 30 years. However, new technology makes life easier for seniors to stay in touch with long distance family, live independently, or simply get help when they need it! 

Here are 5 tech tools that seniors can benefit from:

1. Tablets and E-Readers: Many seniors are ditching their computers with tablets to give them bigger screens for video conferencing with family, sharing photos, or doing Internet research. 

2. Skype or Facetime: These video call apps are popular, allowing seniors with grandchildren who live far away to supplement face-to-face interaction. 

3. Fitness Trackers: Wearable fitness monitors, such as the FitBit, make it easier for seniors to live a healthy life. The fitness trackers can monitor physical activity and sleep, to ensure they get enough exercise. 

4. Online Estate Repository: Everplans is just one option of an online service that creates digital archives that includes trust, passwords, information about your home and more. They allow options to share this information with family members as well.

5. GPS Insoles: This new product is an insole that can go into the shoes of someone with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. It will help track them in case of wandering off. Through this device, you can set a perimeter and be alerted if the person leaves that area. 

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