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Common Nutrition Myths

These days, a new diet seems to populate every other day. While some of these diets may work, others are based off common nutrition myths.

Today we want to put an end to those myths and provide you and your aging loved one with real nutrition facts!

Myth #1 – Added sugar is always bad for you. Luckily for those out there with a sweet tooth, this myth is indeed false! Adding a small amount of sugar can make foods less tart and tastier to consume therefore making it easier for your aging loved one to consume nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Myth #2 – Eating eggs can raise your cholesterol. Dietary cholesterol found in eggs has little to do with the amount of cholesterol in your body. Eggs actually contain a very small amount of saturated fat, so keep cracking the eggs!

Myth #3 – Adding salt to boiling water adds sodium to the food. The truth is, adding salt to boiling water can actually make vegetables more nutritious! The salt reduces the leaching of nutrients from the vegetables into the water.

Keep in mind that sugar, saturated fats, and salt should all be used in moderation, and you should always consult your doctor for your dietary questions.

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