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How to Fund In-Home Care for your Loved One

While we want all seniors to be able to remain independent at home for as long as possible, we understand that funds are limited, and many families may struggle to afford the care their loved ones need. The first step of this process is acknowledging the need and understanding the cost-effectiveness of in-home care compared to other avenues, like nursing homes and assisted living facilities. If you decide to take advantage of Senior Helpers' professional care services, there are several avenues available to help pay for in-home care.

Justifying the Cost

One of the main reasons people avoid hiring professional senior care is because of the perceived cost. However, caring for a loved one on your own isn't as cost-effective as you might believe. According to AARP findings, 78% of caregivers incur out-of-pocket costs, and spend as much as $7k per year on average (or 20% of their income!). If your loved one has dementia or another serious cognitive condition, this cost may double.

Already spread thinly, now the caregiver is tempted to dip into their own personal or retirement savings to finance their caregiving. This usually amounts to damaging the family's financial security in the name of a nonprofessional level of care.

Senior care franchises, however, ensure that your money is going to reliable, professional in-home senior care, leaving you free to work a full-time job, run errands, stay in shape, and maintain your savings.

Ways to Finance

It's no use offering a widely-needed service that no one can afford. That's why we try to equip you with all the information you need to help finance your in-home senior care. Here are just a few popular options:

Long-Term Care Insurance

Whether in-home or at a nursing facility, this kind of specialized insurance can help cover the cost of senior care. It insures your loved one's assets and can also cover a majority of home-care costs. We work closely with several long-term care insurance companies, and encourage you to speak with your loved one about a policy that works for you. Not all of our locations currently accept long-term care insurance, however, so be sure to contact your local branch to inquire about this potential option.

Veterans Administration

The Veterans Administration is a great resource for seniors who have served in the armed forces. If your loved one qualifies, the VA offers programs designed specifically to make in-home care more affordable. These programs will reimburse veterans and their families for home care costs. Check out the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website for a full list of benefits and options.

Payment Options

At Senior Helpers, we want to maintain a level of flexibility when it comes to payment, to ensure that it works for you. We offer flexible invoicing, bi-weekly billing, and a “private pay” model, which allows clients to send payments directly to us. We want to make payment convenient and are accustomed to working clients to meet their specific needs.

If in-home senior care sounds like the right option for your loved one, don't let cost stand in the way. Reach out to us today to speak with one of