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In-Home Senior Care Services We Offer at Senior Helpers

When you choose an in-home senior care provider, you're not just hiring a company. You're welcoming a new member to your family into your home, tasked with making the life of your loved one more easy and comfortable. You want to not only make sure that person is compassionate, well-trained, and professional, but also equipped to handle any problems that may arise across a broad spectrum. We understand how sensitive and difficult the process can be. With our expertly-trained caregivers and broad range of services, Senior Helpers makes the process as smooth as possible for your family.


Our Expert Caregivers

It's a big deal when you welcome a caregiver into your home. We know that you want to be completely confident in their commitment to your loved one, and their ability to get the job done right. We put our caregivers through a careful screening process and required them to meet all national licensing requirements before they're able to begin working for us. Our comprehensive caregiver training program also includes a continual learning course, to be attended even after hiring. We encourage our caregivers to keep educating themselves, so they can continue to create an exceptional customer experience.

Our Array of Services

We understand that no two clients are the same, and that offering a diverse selection of services is of the utmost importance. To truly be a one-stop shop for in-home senior care, we need to have caregivers on-hand for a wide range of situations, and who are equipped to deal with those situations accordingly. Here are just a few of the specialized services we offer.

Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

For our valued Alzheimer's & Dementia Care services, we create customized home care plans specific to the client's needs. We monitor daily activity and prioritize creating a safe, positive environment for your loved one.

Companion Care

Our Companion Care services are often praised by families for their flexibility, and ability to adapt to their specific needs. Whether it's making a brief hour-long visit, or being available 24/7, our caregivers are here to help.

Concierge Care

If your loved one is moving to a senior living community, we can still be of service. Our Concierge Care is designed to assist with the move-in process, post-medical care, and wait list support to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Personal Care

We understand that for family members, caregiving can be a stressful full-time job. With our Personal Care service, you can live a productive, stress-free life while trusting that your loved one's needs are being met.

Veteran Services

Senior veterans and their spouses are among some of our most valued patients; we help them understand how to put their VA benefits to use and do whatever we can to ensure that their in-home senior care is both affordable, and right for them.

If you think your loved one could benefit from any of our in-home senior care options, reach out to us today.