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At Senior Helpers, We Support Healthy Senior Fitness

As your loved one ages making sure they stay fit is incredibly important. A way to stave that off is with quality senior health care that emphasizes fitness. Senior Helpers offer numerous programs and caregiver services to help give your senior loved one the care they need and the motivation to get on their feet and keep moving.

Ways to Stay Fit

Fitness plans for seniors are vastly different from younger, healthier adults. Instead of running or high-intensity training, a solid senior fitness program is anchored around easy-to-do exercises that raise the heart rate and aren’t too strenuous. The National Council on Aging has a great list of resources that deal with ways in which seniors can maintain their fitness. Senior health care is all about being flexible when it comes to getting exercise.

Something as simple as walking is a phenomenal exercise for the elderly. That can be walking in the mall or just doing laps around the house; either way, walking is a great way to work many muscle groups as well as giving your loved one a cardio workout. Add a few light free weights, no more than five pounds each, in each hand and you can add a layer of strength training to your loved one’s workout regimen as well. More strength can mean a healthier life for your loved one.

Other, less impactful, workouts can include biking or gardening. Biking raises the heart rate just like walking but is loblog imagewer impact. Another great activity, especially for the homebody, is gardening. It’s outdoors, works many muscle groups due to tasks like shoveling, planting, and weeding, and works the mind due to having to plan out the garden and figure out where to place each vegetable.

How Senior Helpers Can Assist You

Senior Helpers offers a slew of services aimed at providing high-level senior health care for your loved one. Those programs range from companion services to all different types of personal care. Senior Helpers comes in when you need a hand. We know that balancing work, your family, and caring for your loved one is difficult. Senior Helpers works to make life just a little bit easier for you, your loved one, and your family.

When it comes to senior health care, Senior Helpers will be there to aide in your loved one’s quest to stay fit. That could mean providing walking assistance, even if it’s just walking from one end of the hallway and back to the chair.

Senior Helpers trains all of our caregivers to the highest standard. You can rest easy knowing that your loved one will be in good hands when attended to by our staff. Senior health care is our highest priority. We know how important your loved one is to you and your family, and our caregivers will do everything they can to help them stay motivated and mobile.

To learn more about how Senior Helpers can provide quality senior health care for your loved one contact us today for more information.