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Raising Awareness for Parkinson's Disease

At Senior Helpers, our mission is to provide education and care for those with Parkinson's disease and their families. Senior Helpers' expertise in providing care for those who live with Parkinson's disease comes from in-depth training on how to care for seniors with a variety of age-related ailments. Parkinson's disease is a unique challenge for caregivers, which is why Senior Helpers has invested so extensively to train its caregivers with the best information and tools available to make sure all Senior Helpers clients who live with Parkinson's can live in comfort and as independently as possible given their condition.

Senior Helpers is proud to partner with the National Parkinson Foundation (NPF) to help bolster the Foundation's educational resources while helping make life better for people living with Parkinson's disease through expert care, education and research. 

Click here to receive your FREE DVD and Strategies for Care Wheel can assist you in your efforts to help a family member with Parkinson's Disease, and be sure to continue to check our blog throughout the month of April for more information on care for Parkinson's Disease.