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Serving all of Lancaster County.
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Serving all of Lancaster County.
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What do our caregivers love about working for Senior Helpers Lancaster County?

It would be easy for us to tell you what life is like working for Senior Helpers in Lancaster County and why you would love being a part of our team, but we thought it would be better for you to hear directly from our caregivers and staff about what makes it such a great place to work. We thank them for providing a genuine perspective on our company and culture!

Senior Helpers is such a great company. The staff members are very friendly, reliable and understanding. This job is very flexible and every client I have had is very nice and I have been glad to meet them through such a great company. This Is a very rewarding job and this company truly makes every employee feel like part of a family.

  • They are very good to their employees and they try to make sure you're happy and comfortable with all of your clients! - M.W.
  • Friendly, understanding, very thoughtful and always have work available! -  J.N.
  • I enjoy the variety of different clients and that they schedule to fit for both me as the caregiver and the client. - D.S.
  • Office staff is always supportive and helpful, interesting clients, good pay, flexible hours, and the opportunity to help others. - C.D.
  • The convenience of making your own hours/schedule and having training to keep us updated on our clients. - K.R.
  • They are very flexible with my work hours ... - K.W.
  • Flexibility, great scheduling staff. - D.A.
  • The staff are very laid back but in a good way. Everyone seems very down to earth and happy to be on the same team with a common goal. - R.P. 
  • Great team with great communication skills! Care about their employees! - M.B.
  • I like the way they communicate with all of the employees, as well as work around all of our schedules. Senior Helpers do not hesitate on helping any of us upon our requests. I’m very happy to be working for Senior Helpers. - A.E.
  • I love the relationship with the clients. Mine are the sweetest. And I love how they work with your schedules. -A.A
  • I like how caring they are towards their employees and clients. They are very reliable and responsive whenever you need help! They are always compliment and understanding if something occurs in your personal life and need time off. - C.Y.
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The work is very gratifying. To see a smile on my clients faces when I get there makes my day.

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