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Serving Portland and surrounding areas.
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Serving Portland and surrounding areas.
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Finding Time for Happiness

We hope everyone is having a beautiful and safe March so far, with the flowers beginning to bloom and the sun shining on the cold wet grass from the morning rain, it feels good to know we’re just that much closer to spring! Every month, we at Senior Helpers believe that you should take a moment to look back at your previous month and see all that you accomplished/completed for that period of 30 days or so, because when you really begin to look at it, you’ll start to see just how much you truly take on, especially on a daily basis. Seeing those calendar days being filled up each month, should inspire you to take time for yourself and really allow yourself to get involved with things, activities, or hobbies that make you happy or fill you with joy because how you feel inside is how you treat others outside.

It’s not the easiest thing in the world to begin a new hobby or activity, especially with COVID-19 still being something to watch out for, however even with all the restrictions out there, there are still so many different ways to find what can make you happy. Some find comfort in watching a good movie or television show, others may gravitate towards things like puzzles, cooking, or going for walks in nature. The most important part of it though is that regardless of whatever you are doing, make sure that it makes you happy because at the end of the day, this is your life and your life only, so do what makes you happy and never look back! 😊

- Konrad Bruszczak