Senior Helpers Reviews In Reno, NV
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Serving Reno and surrounding areas.
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Serving Reno and surrounding areas.
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We are proud to have had the opportunity to care for and support seniors and families in our community. Hear what they have to say about the services that we have provided:

I decided to use Senior Helpers to care for my Dad after interviewing several agencies. Actually, my Dad chose them. The owner came out to meet with us and immediately she and my Dad clicked. He was very apprehensive about having any help and she understood that and immediately put his mind at ease. Fran explained everything to us and addressed all my Dad's concerns. He now has a really great lady who visits with him several times a week and he enjoys the company. She makes sure his house is picked up, he eats and takes is medication. Since he likes her visits, he does not mind the help. I am extremely happy with the work Senior Helpers has done for us.

Heather S.

My sisters and I have really come to rely on Senior Helpers to assist us with caring for my Mom. We all live several hours from Mom so we cannot see her too often. The owner Fran came to her home and met with us and discussed exactly what Mom needed. She sent a wonderful lady that my Mom really likes. She is really reliable and does exactly what we ask. We get regular reports on how Mom is doing.  She started out by just helping my mom with errands. Now she takes her to the doctors, does housework and helps her with her shower. The company is really professional, and the caregiver is too. It has really helped my sisters and I a lot and has saved us all the worrying we use to do. We would highly recommend this company.

Joy J.

We have been using Senior Helpers for help with my father in law for several months. They have done an amazing job. They came to meet us and him before getting started to figure out which caregiver would be the best for him. They sent out Jennifer who really hit it off immediately with our Dad and he now lets her take care of everything and we no longer worry all the time. They have been great, and we really recommend them.

Misty D.

I have been working with Senior Helpers for at least five years, during which I have received the most delightful, thoughtful, and expert care. This is an outfit dedicated to us, the clients! The staff is super professional and personable! We are leaving the state but will continue to hold our future caregivers to the high standards of Senior Care in Reno! Thank you! 

BeBe M.

We could not be happier with the professional help we have received from Senior Helpers. My Mom insisted on living in her own home although my sisters and I thought assisted living would be safer for her. I do not live nearby and when I visited, I got really concerned. She was not keeping the house up or eating as well as she should. We were also really worried about her driving! From our first meeting with the owner Fran we knew we had found a compromise that could offer my Mom the assistance I knew she needed and allow her to stay in her home. Fran took the time to answer all our questions and really get to know my Mom. My Mom's caregiver Beth comes several days a week to help her. She is warm and compassionate, and my Mom loves her. The office staff keeps in constant contact with me to keep me updated on how she is doing. They are professional and very dependable. They have been a lifesaver!

Barbara S.

I have been very happy with the caregiver Senior Helpers provided for my Dad. She has taken amazing care of him and has gotten him out of the house doing things again. Before he just sat in front of the TV doing nothing. Senior Helpers matched him up with someone he enjoys spending time with and he actually looks forward to their visit.


Senior Helpers helped my mom about two years ago. At the time my mom was just getting out of the hospital and was very weak. She had just had all her medicines switched around and was not strong enough to take care of herself. The owner came out and met with us personally and explained their program. We hired them to help mom with making meals, assisting with her shower, to make sure she did her new medications properly and to take her to all her follow up doctor’s appointments. Her caregiver was wonderful. They helped mom for about 3 months till she got back on her feet. Two weeks ago, my mom had a fall and back in the hospital she went. When she came home, she again was shaky, and I felt worried to leave her alone all day. I called Senior Helpers, and not only did they completely remember a mom, but the owner Fran came right over to check on her and had genuine concern. She had a caregiver for my mom that day. My Mom felt so safe and comfortable. I know she is in great hands and will be well cared for. I highly recommend them to anyone.


Senior Helpers is highly professional there were no problems.  Fran Graves, who made all of the arrangements, is great. Everything that was agreed upon was delivered. They did what they said they would do. I would definitely recommend them! I would recommend them because of their professionalism and matching the caregivers to the clients. They listen to your needs. They are accommodating. Fran went out of her way to help my mother. It couldn't have been better. Fran was very concerned about making sure that my mother was happy and being taken care of.


I have been really happy with Senior Helpers services. My father had to give up driving because of his macular degeneration which also made it difficult for him to do his shopping. Senior Helpers matched him with a male caregiver who comes over weekly and takes him out on his errands and visits with him. He loves his time with Bob and does not feel so much so much like his is "stuck" at home. When he has doctor’s appointments or extra things that need to be done Bob comes over more often to help with what he needs.
It has been a great experience. I would highly recommend this service.

DB Daily

Senior Helpers has provided excellent service to my 84 year old mother, which has enabled her to stay in her home - which is exactly where she wants to be. My mother is very happy. Fran at Senior Helpers was so helpful with great caregivers and lots of information and excellent advice on resources that are available and to understand issues facing seniors.


Fran asked if I had anything else on my list, we looked at my list, and she helped direct me in things that they couldn't provide. She helped direct me in how to get other things solved and it was wonderful. She took it personally and she makes it her personal commitment to make sure people are okay.


I could not be happier with the help Senior Helpers is providing for my parents. My Mom was my father’s caregiver for several years but finally admitted she needed help as his dementia progressed. Senior Helpers matched them with the perfect helper. She is supporting my Mom with caring for my Dad and providing my Mom with the friendship. Thank you to Seniors they have done everything we hoped for.

Cheryl J.

Senior Helpers has done an excellent job taking care of my parents. Since I live in another state, I am unable to be there for them as much as I would like to be. I want to thank their caregiver for quickly realizing when my Dad was sick and getting him to the doctor so quickly. The office staff kept me constantly informed on his progress. Thank you, Senior Helpers you are doing a great job! 

Robert B.

The caregivers who work here are the best! I tried 2 companies for care for my mom and had to let the both go. Third times a charm! We have had excellent care through Senior Helpers. Thank you!

Sammy D.

They have been so wonderful caring for my father in law in 2017 and caring for my mother in law for the past year. I would recommend them. Kudos to Fran and Andi. They were a great help to me and my husband. Thank you for being so helpful and nice.  My mother in law really likes all the girls that care for her. Fran Graves is so good about calling me if there are concerns and very accommodating for schedule changes. I feel that I can be totally honest with her about any concerns that we have or that she brings to our attention. I would recommend Senior Helpers to anyone who needs care.

Judy J.

When my family was in need, Senior Helpers helped guide me through the processes of providing care for my father. The experience and professionalism along with the loving care they showed to my Dad was amazing. Every caregiver that took care of Dad was wonderful. Should I ever need to find care for another love one again, I would not hesitate to call them again.


They took the worry out of my head, it was one less thing to worry about with getting my father set up. I liked the attention to detail, her directness with my dad, her caring for my father, her talking to him as if he was in the room because so many times, I was speaking to people they would speak to me and not to my father. My dad isn't an invalid, he just had both knees replaced and needed help, that's all. When she came in, she directed everything towards him which I really appreciated. I am just so impressed with them.

The service is wonderful. I appreciated that Fran came over to talk to him and not to me. She took her time to listen to him and she was kind and considerate. When we left the rehabilitation facility, they made us feel like there wasn't anything available in Reno that could help my father out. I was only going to be there for two weeks, so he needed something after I was gone, and when she came in, she made me feel not crazy.

I was worried about how I was going to take care of my father, how he was going to get around and do stuff. I didn't want him riding the public transportation system but at that time it was the only option I had until I talked to her.

Senior Helpers has done an excellent job taking care of my parents. Since I live in another state, I am unable to be there for them as much as I would like to be. I want to thank their caregiver for quickly realizing when my Dad was sick and getting him to the doctor so quickly. The office staff kept me constantly informed on his progress. Thank you, Senior Helpers you are doing a great job!