Wellesley Senior Care Services | Dementia & Alzheimer's Care Program
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Serving Greater Boston, South Shore and surrounding areas.
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Serving Greater Boston, South Shore and surrounding areas.
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Our Senior Care Services in Wellesley

Senior Helpers Wellesley seeks to create a connection among caregivers, seniors, and their families and form a support system for you or your loved one. We highly value the individual needs of our seniors and ensure that you are receiving the care you need and want.

Where to start

We always begin with our in-home care assessment, which looks for things to implement in your home to make it as supportive as possible. Using a system called the LIFE (Life, Independence, Function, Evaluation) Profile, our senior care service team in Wellesely will evaluate your needs and adjustments to make in the home to ensure your safety. Ultimately, we’ll form a care plan together to help you age gracefully in the comfort of your own home.

To find out more or book an appointment, call 617-440-4967 or email Boston@SeniorHelpers.com


Going Home Safe – Recovery Care

At Senior Helpers Wellesley, our senior care service team use our signature LIFE Profile program to design the best environment for support in your own home. This includes monitoring your health, environmental risks, preventing hospitalization, and easing the burden of care for family members.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Senior Helpers Wellesley offers a dementia and alzheimers care program  called Senior Gems. The senior’s care will evolve as his condition changes. We incorporate care like socialization, light exercise, and activity opportunities to preserve memory and cognitive function as long as possible, as well as daily care like medication management.

Parkinson’s Care

Our Parkinson’s Care Program was formed with the aid of the Parkinson Foundation’s Center of Excellence. It was created to train our caregivers extensively so they can develop the best care plans for seniors with Parkinson’s. The care plan will also change over time as Parkinson’s progresses.

Traditional Care

Our traditional care plan includes all kinds of support, including companionship. As part of our senior care services at Senior Helpers Wellesley, we can help with everyday activities like transportation or medication management, to give you the fullest lifestyle alongside the support you need.

Transitional Care

Our transitional care helps bridge the adjustment from long-time hospitalization or care to at-home care. We know the change can be difficult, which is why we’re dedicated to making it as easy as possible by partnering with you or your loved one to create the right plan.

Round-the-Clock and Live-In Care

Senior Helpers Wellesley offers round-the-clock care with nurses that are available to come 24/7. This can be for medical emergencies or other needs, even at night. We also provide live-in caregivers, who can help with errand-running, medication management, support, and routine.

End-of-life Support

Our end-of-life support includes partnering with hospice workers to give your loved one the best care and comfort. Our caregivers are available as emotional support for your loved one in their final days, as well as for families. Our caregivers’ dedication to companionship and support will make all the difference in this difficult season.