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Transitional Care

After being discharged from a hospital or care facility, a person’s recovery is often just beginning. As you or a loved one make this transition back into a normal daily routine, it can be stressful to cope with tasks and the stress can often lead to re-admission. Senior Helpers of South Bend is here to ease the stress that can come with moving back home with our Granger, Notre Dame, and Mishawaka, IN senior home care, transitional, and hospital to home care programs. We offer Staying Home Safe™ - a unique approach to care management that is centered around the patient’s goals and creating a home environment that is conducive to recovery.

It all starts with a plan

Each one of our client’s needs are unique which is why we provide custom in-home assessments to gauge where your loved one is at and what factors must be in place for them to meet their recovery goals. Our South Bend, Granger, Notre Dame, and Mishawaka, IN senior home care is personalized to ensure they receive the support they need to have continued success.

We structure each care plan, taking your input into account, and keep you informed on your loved one’s progress. Our caregivers can spot any issues or gaps, before they turn into larger problems.

Strengthening Circles of Care

Even when you are unavailable, we will work with you and your loved one to ensure they are always receiving care when they need it. We will also collaborate with their doctors, nurses, and care managers to create an efficient and comprehensive Mishawaka senior home care plan.

Accessible Transportation

To have a successful recovery, it is important to attend any regular doctor’s visits or follow-up appointments. Our caregivers can provide transportation to these appointments, provide reminders about appointments, and provide transportation to visit with friends or to the grocery store.

Medication Reminders and Prescription Pickup

Medications must be taken correctly to ensure a successful recovery. We can assist by picking up medications from the pharmacy and providing reminders to make sure medications are taken at their proper dose and time of day.

Nutrition Planning, Food Shopping and Meal Preparation

To maintain good health, it is important to eat nutritious, balanced meals. When your loved one has special dietary requirements, as is necessary with conditions like diabetes, having a meal plan is very important to maintaining their overall condition. Our caregivers will help your loved one follow any post-discharge nutrition requirements and help prepare meals that meet your loved one’s specific needs.

Are you or a loved one scheduled for discharge? Contact Senior Helpers of South Bend for Granger, Notre Dame, and Mishawaka, IN senior home care, transitional care, and hospital to home care. We can develop a plan to help them achieve their recovery goals and feel safe at home.

Senior Helpers of South Bend offers senior home care, transitional care, and hospital to come care for the communities of Granger, Notre Dame, Mishawaka, Elkhart, Bristol, Niles, New Carlisle, Osceola, and Lakeville.