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Serving Mishawaka and surrounding areas.
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Serving Mishawaka and surrounding areas.
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Parkinson's Care

For those living with Parkinson’s disease and the family members that care for them, it is vital to have a strong support network to ensure everyone’s health and well-being. Parkinson’s disease presents unique challenges for those who have it, but also for their caregivers. There are many things that both can do to help improve quality of life and get through daily tasks. Senior Helpers is a trusted provider for South Bend Parkinson’s care services, and we want to become an integral part of your family’s support network. Our disability caregivers in Granger, Notre Dame, and other local areas work closely with you, your loved one, and your medical team to ensure that all needs are met and that your loved one can live comfortably with their Parkinson’s symptoms, as independently as possible.

Expertly Trained in Parkinson's Disease Care

Seniors Helpers of South Bend offers a Parkinson’s Care Program to our caregivers which is a specialty training program created in conjunction with leading experts from the Parkinson’s Foundation’s Centers of Excellence network. This South Bend Parkinson's support service and disability care program offered in Granger, Notre Dame, and other surrounding areas is the first of its kind for the home care industry. It’s designed to give each of our caregivers the tools and resources to create custom care plans for those living with Parkinson’s disease.

Since Parkinson’s disease is a progressive condition, your loved one’s needs will change over time, and we are here to provide care through each phase. At the beginning your loved one may need lighter assistance such as help running errands, but may later need help with more extensive tasks such as personal care and mobility. We know that each individual will progress differently which is why we take a unique approach with our South Bend Parkinson’s care services provided in Granger, Notre Dame, and other local communities. A caregiver from Seniors Helpers will work with you closely to determine what services are best for your loved one.

Senior Helpers caregivers are educated and trained on:

  • How Parkinson’s disease changes and advances over time
  • Techniques and strategies to identify and manage the motor (mobility/movement) and non-motor (cognitive/behavioral) symptoms of Parkinson’s
  • Home safety and fall prevention
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Medication timing/management and reminders
  • Light exercise to maintain balance, mobility, and strength
  • How to notice changes in posture and facial expression and provide comfortable adjustments to maintain coordination and balance
Parkinson's Care Video

Parkinson's Care Video

Parkinson’s disease affects each person and family in a different way. Senior Helpers’ FREE video can assist you in your efforts to help a family member with Parkinson’s Disease. Request your FREE, informative video today.


View or Download the Parkinson’s Care Video

Caregiving Tool for Parkinson's Disease

Caregiving Tool for Parkinson's Disease

Senior Helpers’ FREE Strategies for Care Wheel helps families to understand the motor and non-motor symptoms that can accompany Parkinson's  disease, as well as simple recommendations that can help make daily living easier. Request your FREE wheel today.

Please Send Me My Strategies for Care Wheel

If you live in South Bend, Granger, Notre Dame, Mishawaka, Elkhart, Bristol, Niles, New Carlisle, Osceola or Lakeville, contact Senior Helpers for Parkinson’s support services and disability care.