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Serving Mishawaka and surrounding areas.
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Serving Mishawaka and surrounding areas.
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Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

Have you or a loved one been dealing with memory loss and other cognitive deficits? Most people know dementia as a disease, when it is actually a broader term used to describe symptoms specific to memory loss and other cognitive impairments, which greatly hinder a person’s daily activities. The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease, which is both progressive and degenerative.

Caring for a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s is often overwhelming and can take a toll emotionally and physically on family caregivers. For this reason, Senior Helpers is proud to serve the community with professional South Bend Alzheimer's care and dementia support services in Granger, Notre Dame, and other local communities. Our team of highly trained caregivers are here to provide you and your loved one support, so you can all lead enjoyable lives, with added peace of mind.

Those living with dementia and Alzheimer’s have evolving needs and as those needs change, we are here to adapt. We provide South Bend Alzheimer’s care and dementia support services in Granger, Notre Dame, and surrounding areas. Our personalized support that focuses on the individual while assisting with daily activities such as medication reminders. Through our Senior Gems® program, we help seniors with dementia and Alzheimer’s with the activities they can do, rather than the ones they cannot.

Senior Gems®

Senior Gems®

Senior Gems®: Helping Caregivers Assess and Provide Care for Seniors with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

The Senior Gems® program created by Senior Helpers® is our unique approach to dementia support services for the elderly in Granger, Notre Dame, and other nearby areas. We can provide South Bend Alzheimer’s care from the first signs of aging to the later stages of dementia. Through Senior Gems®, our team can provide custom care based on the unique qualities of each senior.

There are several changes that take place as the disease of dementia progresses, but we will be there through each step to ensure your loved one continues to lead a life filled with purpose and dignity, from the comfort of their home. The Senior Gems is based on the Gems™, techniques, strategies, and overall approach to care which was created and developed by Teepa Snow, Positive Approach, LLC.

The Gems classification system allows trained Senior Helpers caregivers to:

  • Identify the characteristics of different stages of dementia
  • Understand what a person can still do based on a gem level
  • Use specific strategies based on gem level to care for our seniors.
  • Create the best plan for caring for the individual long term.

Senior Gems® Video

Request our free, informative video, Your Guide to Supporting Family Members with Dementia, that can assist you in your efforts to help your family member with dementia.

View or Download the Gems® Video

Senior Gems® Video
Senior Gems® Strategy for Care Wheel

Senior Gems® Strategy for Care Wheel

If your loved one is showing signs of dementia, you can both benefit from the concepts and the tips that the Senior Gems® provides.

The Senior Gems Strategy for Care Wheel is a wonderful tool that provides an introductory overview of the Senior Gems® classification system, along with some strategies for caregivers and family members to use as they are caring for someone with brain change.

Order the Strategy for Care Wheel

Why Senior Gems®?

Senior Gems® was designed to provide support for families and caregivers who care for loved ones who are living with dementia. Is your loved one showing signs of dementia? Senior Gems® can give you and your loved ones valuable tips and concepts to help manage the effects of this disease.

How Senior Helpers Uses Senior Gems®

Senior Helpers works closely with renowned dementia care specialist, Teepa Snow, OTR/L, of Positive Approach, LLC to create and prepare comprehensive training programs for Senior Helpers caregivers throughout the country. This program ensures that seniors receive the right type of care for their individual needs.

A sample care plan for your loved one may include activities that:

  • Encourage engagement in daily life
  • Create opportunities for social interaction
  • Stimulate the brain
  • Reminiscence therapy

We spend hours training our caregivers initially and provide regular ongoing training through both online and in-person sessions, so that each one is prepared to give you or your loved one the best care, in your own home.

When you need Alzheimer’s care and dementia support services in South Bend, Granger, Notre Dame, Mishawaka, Elkhart, Bristol, Niles, New Carlisle, Osceola or Lakeville, contact Senior Helpers.