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Serving Mishawaka and surrounding areas.
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Serving Mishawaka and surrounding areas.
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Incorporating Technology in Your Senior's Life

As technology continues to pioneer its way into our everyday lives, it's hard not to recognize the conveniences and social opportunities it enables us with. Recently, there has been more focus how technology can be incorporated into the lifestyle of seniors. This technology can significantly help your senior live in their home longer and more comfortably, while adding safety to their everyday life.

Here are a few recommendations of the more popular gadgets amongst seniors:

  • BeClose uses wireless sensors in the home to track your loved one's daily routine. This can be monitored through a secure web page. Caregivers are alerted of disturbances through a phone call, email or text message.
  • TV Ears provides a headset with personalized volume to seniors that suffer from hearing loss. It allows seniors to watch TV with their loved ones and lets them set the volume to their preferred level, without turning up the sound on the actual television set.
  • TabSafe is a medication management system where medication can be inserted by a pharmacist or caregiver and will then be dispensed to the senior. All dosage, reordering, and customer information like schedule times and expiration dates can be regulated and accessed by a pharmacist.
  • Fitbit is an activity tracker that displays real-time activity details like steps taken, stairs climbed, calories burned, sleep quality, etc. Some products allow seniors to track weight, body fat percentage and BMI.
  • Nintendo Wii gives your senior an opportunity to do light physical activity in the comfort of their own home, through interactive and recreational games. Video games can improve cognitive thinking and promote social interaction, too.
  • GreatCall Responder is an easily attached device equipped with GPS. By pressing a button on the responder, seniors are connected to response agents who will identify them and their location, dispatch 911 and provide additional assistance.

Although the technological products on the market can be overwhelming and you may not be sure which one is right for your senior, even teaching or encouraging them to utilize the Internet can be a great tool. With the Internet, they can reconnect with friends, improve thinking skills with research and monitor their own health conditions.