How to Choose the Best Winter Coats and Gear for Seniors
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Serving Rockford and surrounding areas.
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Tips for Finding the Best Winter Coats and Gear for Elderly Adults

Tips for Finding the Best Winter Coats and Gear for Elderly Adults

With temperatures dipping into the 30s and lower with 10 to 30 mph winds, elderly adults must have the best winter coats and gear to stay warm when going outside. Seniors lose body heat faster, which can become dangerous without proper protection against the cold.

Knowing health concerns that can occur if an elderly loved one does not wear functional winter coats and gear to protect against the cold is essential. Finding the most functional coats while adhering to style and preferences is possible when knowing how to find one.

Minimize Health Concerns by Keeping Elderly Adults Warm During the Winter

Because of changes to the body, especially if there are thyroid or diabetic conditions, seniors do not even realize they are cold. Hypothermia is the most severe condition an elderly adult can have if not protected by the cold. Suppose their body temperature drops to 95℉ or lower. In that case, this can lead to dangerous situations, such as heart attack, kidney problems, or liver damage.

Recognizing the early signs of hypothermia will determine if an elderly loved one is not dressed warmly enough, whether inside or out:

  • Cold feet and hands
  • Pale skin
  • Drowsiness
  • Slow speech or slurring of words
  • Puffy or swollen face

Functional and Stylish Winter Coats and Gear to Choose From

It's important that the elderly not only wear a functional coat that will protect them but also hats and scarves too. Seniors should wear hats and scarves because they lose body heat through the head and neck. In addition, wearing winter boots to keep the feet and legs warm can add to a senior's winter ensemble.

Materials Best Suited to Keep Warm

Coats that are quilted, goose or duck down filled, faux fur, fleece, or wool will help keep an elderly loved one warm. These materials are used in popular style coats and will be found in coats that your elderly loved one will prefer. However, wool or wool-blended fabric is the warmest option and is naturally water-resistant. 

Recommended Coat Types

Wool or wool-blend coats that are thigh-length or below the knees may be a better option for elderly adults. Wool is the warmest material, and the longer length will protect most of the body from the cold and wind. In addition, wool having natural water resistance will help in rainy or snowy weather.

Find a Functional But Stylish Winer Coat and Gear Within a Budget

Wool-blend coats that combine wool with other materials like rayon and polyester will keep an elderly adult warm and is less expensive than a coat made of 100% wool. Stylish wool-blend coats that are thigh-length or below the knees can cost approximately $100 to $700. 

Senior Helpers of Rockford Can Help

Wintertime in Rockford can be harsh at times. That's why finding the best winter coats and gear for seniors is essential. If you need transitional care, companion care, or surgery assistance services for a loved one, Senior Helpers of Rockford can help.

We provide in-home and personalized care throughout Rockford, Belvidere, Freeport, Loves Park, Machesney Park, Winnebago County, and Stephenson County, IL. Contact us today to learn how we can help.