How Occupational Therapy Activities Can Benefit Seniors' Health
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Serving Greater Chicagoland and surrounding areas.
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Occupational Therapy: The Surprising Health Benefits of Rearranging House Furniture for Seniors
Introducing new activities to help your senior loved ones

Occupational Therapy: The Surprising Health Benefits of Rearranging House Furniture for Seniors

Many seniors find themselves on the exterior edge of loneliness with old age kicking in. The buzz of fast life suddenly goes quiet, and in comes the silence accompanied by dull mornings and evenings. When this happens, most seniors will isolate themselves, primarily affecting their mental health. How can occupational therapy help?

Occupational therapy aims to introduce particular activities to senior citizens to assist them in recuperating from any physical or mental illness. This could have happened for a myriad of reasons, such as accidents, sickness, etc.

These activities range from simple to complex, depending on the health condition of a particular individual.

But did you know rearranging furniture could contribute positively to the mental health of an aging senior?


Let's dive in!

A Touch of Convenience

Our homes are havens of comfort and peace.

With aging seniors, their furniture arrangement must offer the best comfort and navigation. This reduces in-house injuries or cases where the furniture might restrict effortless movement.

With loneliness creeping in, a revamp of your furniture arrangement reduces the same monotony you've likely had for several years.

Move the couches closer to the walls for adequate support. Reduce the number of tables, so you have more space for your legs to move freely. Remove obstructions along the path when moving from one room to the other.

Once you're done with the arrangement, you'll quickly notice that it serves you better and leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment.

A Space That Reflects Personality

Your parents might be old, but it doesn't mean their personality is gone.

While safety is paramount, your aging parent deserves to have a space that reflects what they care about:

  • Add some decorations to the furniture that reflect past achievements and memories of loved ones.
  • Choose firm pillows and cushions for the couches.
  • Select some throws or blankets to keep them warm during a cold evening.
  • Go for moderately bright colors to keep your aging parent energized and healthy.

Use What You Need

"There are areas, rooms, or commodities that seniors could do without," says Dolly Wittman, owner of the Kansas City, Kansas, branch of the senior relocation company.

With old age, likely, you'll not need some of the furniture or household items from your yesteryears.

Replace the reclining office chair with something more comfortable. Remove the rotating glass coffee table and instead have a more sturdy table.

Aim to reduce the clutter in the house, not just in the living room but also in other rooms—group items such as clothing in dressers and closets for easy accessibility.

The plan is to have every item in the house within accessible reach.

Get the Best Occupational Therapy Services

Change, however small, is good.

Rearranging the house furniture for a senior enlivens the house and stimulates their well-being. It provides the much-needed comfort seniors need in their old years. In addition, this keeps their homes orderly.

Are you looking for home occupational therapy services?

If you answered yes, explore more about what we do to help seniors live a better and more satisfying life.

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