Volunteering Activities for Seniors - Activities You Can Do Over the Phone
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Serving Greater Chicagoland and surrounding areas.
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How Seniors Can Do Volunteering Activities Over the Phone to Fill Up Their Day
Keeping yourself busy throughout the day.

How Seniors Can Do Volunteering Activities Over the Phone to Fill Up Their Day

Older adults have various life experiences and can help the younger generation and society fulfill their dreams in life. If you are an older adult staying at home, you can engage in multiple volunteering activities to keep you busy and fill up your day. It is all about doing what you love to stay active

Many organizations have multiple volunteering activities that require you to have a phone. You can engage in several meaningful activities that can impact lives and help people become more successful. 

Benefits for Volunteering Activities

Research shows that volunteering improves older adults' physical, mental, and emotional health. Seniors get a chance to interact with many people and organizations, thus, enabling them to stay engaged. Volunteering activities also reduce social isolation and loneliness as well as help older adults find purpose. 

Phone Volunteering Activities for Seniors

Teach about Health and Wellness 

Seniors encourage people to maintain a proper diet, exercise, and manage stress levels. Wellness initiatives could be about reducing weight, stopping smoking, as well as going for therapy and fitness challenges. Check online for the organizations promoting wellness and join them to offer relevant services over the phone if you have experience and expertise in the field.

Become a Crisis Counselor

Many people are going through challenges in life due to the pandemic. Such people want a shoulder to lean on and gain hope in life again. If you have the expertise as a crisis counselor, you can register with the relevant organization that connects those in crisis to counselors. You will get the opportunity to interact with people, share your life experiences, as well as give them a word of hope and encouragement.

Participate in Research Programs

Multiple research organizations send out surveys often. If you love nature and science, you can sign up with such organizations and offer services by phone. Once you receive a survey, you can log in to the site using your phone and fill in the available questionnaires. Your feedback also helps organizations get more insights and devise ways to offer satisfactory services to their customers.

Reading Books to Children through Videos

If you love reading books, you can leverage the opportunity while at home to help children improve their reading ability. You can check out online sites where you will connect with children requiring your services. You can teach both children and their family members via Zoom calls.

Teach Art and Music 

If you love art and music, you have an excellent opportunity to share your life experiences with different people. As an older adult, you might have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in multiple areas of art and music and can help others find purpose and achieve their goals in the same field. You can sign up for classes with the relevant organizations to interact with like-minded people and impact lives in the long run.

Get Specialized Care from the Comfort of Your Home

The above volunteering activities can help you to impact and change lives in the comfort of your home. If you've been wondering what to do while at home in Des Plains, we can help you fulfill all your needs in our organization. Contact us today and learn about our services for senior citizens.