The Stevenson Dam
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Serving Fairfield and surrounding areas.
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Serving Fairfield and surrounding areas.
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The Stevenson Dam

Today, we want to shed light on a remarkable structure that stands tall at the border of Monroe and Oxford—the Stevenson Dam. As providers of home care services in these two towns, we have witnessed firsthand the effects of the record-breaking rainfall this summer. Recently, we had the opportunity to capture video footage of the dam after a severe storm.

The dam is named after the former Connecticut Governor, John H. Trumbull Stevenson. It is built across the Housatonic River.

With the recent record-breaking rainfall, our towns of Monroe and Oxford have faced the risk of flooding, making the dam an essential guardian against potential disaster. The dam's design and strategic location make it an effective barrier against the rising waters, minimizing the impact on our communities.

The dam's reservoir stores excess water during periods of heavy rainfall, ensuring a stable and reliable water supply during drier seasons. This efficient storage system helps to support various activities, including agriculture, industry, and our daily household needs. By carefully managing water resources, the dam plays a pivotal role in maintaining a sustainable water supply for both Monroe and Oxford.

The recent record-breaking rainfall has tested the resilience of our towns. However, with the presence of the Stevenson Dam, we have seen how this remarkable structure has protected our communities from the worst effects of flooding. We owe a debt of gratitude to the engineers, architects, and workers who constructed and maintain this essential infrastructure.

As providers of home care services in Monroe and Oxford, we understand the impact that record-breaking rainfall can have on our communities. The Stevenson Dam stands tall as a symbol of strength, protection, and sustainability. This engineering marvel continues to safeguard our towns from the forces of nature. Let us appreciate and acknowledge the vital role played by the Stevenson Dam in maintaining the well-being of Monroe and Oxford amidst the challenges of changing weather patterns.

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