8 Exercises That Help With Balance and Fall Prevention
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Serving Thousand Oaks and surrounding areas.
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8 Exercises That Help With Balance and Fall Prevention

The main factors contributing to increased fall risk among seniors around Thousand Oaks. These include reduced visual abilities, slower reflexes, arthritis, and difficulty maintaining balance. Below is a list of eight exercises that can help with balance among senior adults.

Feet Apart

The loved ones living in Westlake Village should stand with their feet about shoulder width apart, eyes open for ten to thirty seconds. Suppose seniors find themselves reaching for a wall or swaying during the exercise. In that case, they should then try to repeat the exercise until they can hold to the position for approximately 30 seconds.

Feet Together Exercises

A senior should try this exercise by putting their feet together and staying still for ten to thirty seconds. If the loved one does not sway during the exercise, they can move to the next activity.

Eyes Closed

Caregivers in Newbury Park are advised to monitor their loved ones. This is because they perform the feet exercises with their eyes closed. Closing of eyes helps in improving balance among loved ones.

Marching in Place

Senior adults in Thousand Oaks can try this exercise alone. They will only need a chair in front of them and a wall behind them for support, just in case of an accidental slip. They should stand with their feet slightly apart and their arms on the side. Try marching as they lift their knees high.

Step Ups

A higher proportion of our loved ones living around Thousand Oaks stumble because they shuffle their feet when walking instead of picking up their feet. Senior adults are always advised to step up to increase their ankles' flexibility. It also builds up coordination and balance in their bodies.

Head Rotation

Head rotation helps seniors improve balance when their vision changes as they age. A caregiver living in Newbury Park with their loved one should help the loved one stand tall, then gently rotate their head from left to right and top to bottom. If a loved one begins to feel dizzy, they can stop the exercise or do it slowly.

Calf Raises

Calf exercises help support the calf muscles and ease the pressure off the knee when a loved one is standing or walking. Caregivers in Oxnard should guide their loved ones as they rise on their toes and slowly lower their heels to the floor. The seniors can repeat the exercise five or ten times a day.

Knee Extensions

Senior adults in Westlake Village should conduct regular knee exercises to strengthen their leg muscles. A caregiver can guide them to sit on a chair upright with their feet flat on the floor, let them raise their right leg off the floor, and extend it out in front of the caregiver. The seniors then start feeling their thigh muscles working. They can hold to that position for some time, then lower their foot and repeat the procedure with their left foot.

Caregivers should adopt a habit of assisting their loved ones with simple exercises at home daily. The seniors are also encouraged to adopt the habit of walking every day to strengthen their leg muscles. Are you a resident of Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Newbury Park, and Oxnard, living with your loved one? Contact us for personalized in-home care services and companion care for your loved ones.