4 Ways to Keep Track of Diabetes Treatments and Blood Sugar: For New Elderly Diabetics
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4 Ways to Keep Track of Diabetes Treatments and Blood Sugar: For New Elderly Diabetics

Holidays are the perfect time to travel, meet friends and family members, and host parties and celebrations, among other things. However, seniors with diabetes should approach these activities with care to avoid health complications. 

We understand that keeping up with diabetes treatments and managing sugar levels during holidays can be difficult for someone newly diagnosed with diabetes. Here is a helpful guide on things you can do to ensure you don't forget the vital steps of your diabetes treatment.

Learn How Your Medication Works 

It's nearly impossible to keep track of your blood sugar levels without knowing how your diabetes treatments work. So as you plan for the holiday, research and consult with your physician on how to go about medication. You should know the kind of medicines you take and their side effects. You should also get information on identifying signs of high and low sugar levels. 

Some of the common signs that may indicate your blood sugar level is out of control include: 

  • Getting hungrier and thirstier than usual
  • Noticeably blurry vision and frequent headaches
  • Tingling and numbness in your hands or feet
  • Frequent urination 

Understanding your medication also lets you know what holiday foods to avoid. 

Create a Fixed Routine and Reminders 

One of the best techniques to ensure you don't forget about your medication and treatment is creating a routine of activities in your holiday plans. For example, create a daily exercise timetable; physical activities help your body use insulin more effectively since muscles need sugar (glucose) for energy. To enable adherence to your routine, you can have reminders, including setting alarms on your phone or clock to inform you when it's time to exercise, take medication, or eat. 

Walk Around with Supplies in Your Bag 

Another thing that can make you forget about your medication is failing to carry the necessary supplies for diabetes management. Therefore, carry a bag of supplies everywhere you go during this holiday. This also helps you to deal with diabetes-related emergencies effectively. 

Here's a list of important things a senior with diabetes should carry along all the time:

  • Insulin
  • Glucose meter and test strips
  • Oral meds or non-insulin injectables
  • Lancets
  • Syringes or pen needles
  • Fast-acting carbohydrates
  • A portable sharps container
  • Pump supplies
  • Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) transmitter

Get Third-Party Help

Letting third parties, such as friends and family members, know about your condition is an effective way of staying on track with your diabetes care plan. You can tell them about your medicines and when to take them so that they can remind you anytime you forget. They'll also hold you accountable and keep you in check in case you show signs of reluctance. If you're spending the holiday alone, you can hire the services of a personal care assistant to help with daily activities, including medication reminders. 

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