How To Settle Into a New Routine
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Serving San Antonio, The Hill Country, and surrounding areas.
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How To Settle Into a New Routine

How To Settle Into a New Routine

Settling into a new routine can be a difficult challenge. We all get used to our daily rituals and sometimes change has to take place that affects our habits. Whether it’s a new living situation, medical equipment, schedule, or whatever the case may be, there are ways to help get back in the swing of things. You are not alone and it is natural to have strong feelings when major changes occur. Everyone goes through these shifts in life one way or another. Let’s look at a few helpful tips for you or your loved ones that can help through these transitions. 


1. Plan ahead. Write down some notes of things that are important to you including your goals. Later on, if you need to purchase an item or set something up it’s good to know exactly what you rely on and where you can find it. Consider having extra necessities on hand and communicate with your support system that you can lean on when needed. A little planning ahead can go a long way.

2. Take it slow. It can be hard to resist diving into a new project or routine with excitement. However, it can take a while to break or form new habits. Muscle memory and our bodies need time to get acclimated to new things. Give yourself small goals that are achievable and measurable. (Refer to SMART goals link below)

3. Recruit assistance. It’s OK to ask for help. Sometimes we need to think outside the box and a fresh set of eyes might spark an idea that you have not considered. It can also be helpful to have someone for encouragement and to help hold you accountable. Reach out to your friends, family, neighbors, and community support groups. 

4. Celebrate your victories. It’s important to enjoy the little things. Every step is part of the journey so celebrate your accomplishments. This will help the entire process to keep things positive and motivating. A simple celebration might be a special meal, a walk at the park, or a break in the day to do something you enjoy. “Celebrate even small victories.” - H. Jackson Brown Jr. 

Remember that everyone is different so it’s important to find what works best for you. Sometimes this can take trial and error until something works. Breathe, take a step back, and pivot to something different if it is absolutely not working out. The road to success is not always easy but with planning, perseverance, and support we can achieve our goals!



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