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Serving McKinney and surrounding areas.
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Creating a Fall Prevention Strategy

Creating a fall prevention strategy may not seem like the most important thing when it comes to staying safe at home for seniors. But falls are one of the leading causes for seniors being admitted to the hospital. Keep reading to learn how to create a fall strategy that will help you or your loved one.

1.        Review Your Medications

Medications can cause falls due to side effects or unintended interactions between medications. Keep a list of all prescribed and over-the-counter medications you take and bring it to your next doctor’s appointment. The doctor will review the side effects of medications with you. Make sure to tell them if you are experiencing dizziness or tiredness, or have trouble thinking since medications like anti-depressants can cause these side effects.

2.        Wear Good Shoes

Ill-fitting shoes and slippers can cause a fall. Go through the shoes you own and get rid of any that have slick soles or that you have a difficult time walking in. Wear shoes that have a nonskid sole and fit properly.

3.         Move More

Being physically active is good for your body and your balance. If you have concerns for your safety, do exercises while holding on to something such as a chair or a wall. Working out, taking a walk, or doing tai-chi helps improve balance, coordination, and flexibility. A physical therapist can help create a home exercise program with exercises that help improve gait and strength as well.

4.        Look Out for Hazards at Home

Make your home safe by removing items that could cause a fall. Review the rooms in your home and make sure you have a clear path to move around. Remove any clutter in those paths and secure cords against the wall. Rugs should have anti-slip material under them and prevent the edges from coming up. Install grab bars around the shower, toilet, and bathtub. Install nightlights in your bedroom and bathroom to prevent falling at night.

Preventing falls will help keep you independent at home. If you need elder care assistance at home in Celina, Texas, call Senior Helpers. We’ll match you with a caregiver who will help you meet your home safety goals.