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Servicing Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown & Surrounding Areas
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Delivering Better Outcomes for Seniors – Use Non-Slip Tape

More than one in three persons over age 65 fall each year, often at home. Luckily, most of those falls don’t result in any injury with the exception of a minor bruise or scraped knee. But falling in the bathroom is an entirely different matter. Up to 80% of the falls in the home are in the bathroom.

According to a 2011 study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 200,000 Americans are treated in emergency departments for bathroom-related injuries annually.

Bathrooms, as it turns out, are hazardous places. They have unforgiving and slippery surfaces and few dependable things to grasp onto, which greatly increases the chances for a fall. Fall-related injuries range from minor cuts, scrapes and bruises to more severe injuries, such as broken bones (especially hip fractures), head contusions, and even spinal cord injury.

Anyone can stumble and fall in the bathroom but having poor muscle strength and balance is strongly associated with increased risk. If you have a history of falls, the risk is even greater. Most falls occur while:

  • Getting in and out of the tub or shower;
  • Sitting down and getting up from the toilet; and
  • Walking and attempting to use towel bars, sink tops or other objects to support balance.

At Senior Helpers, we encourage our clients and families to let us install non-slip tape as you see in the photos above and below. We recommend the removal of most, if not all, rugs and the rubber mat inside the tub! Don’t spare the tape! Put it in the shower/tub as well as in front of the potty and sink.

We use this tape in the 2” wide and clear color combo.  We keep a room for it here in our office and recommend installation at all our clients homes.

These safety tips are some of the more than 140 safety items that Senior Helpers looks for during our LIFE Profile assessment process and care plan design for our clients.

Make sure to bookmark this blog and share with friends and family as we continue to Deliver Better Outcomes for Seniors.

Frank Hayes is the Owner of Senior Helpers in greater Austin Texas and a Research Fellow with Performance Based Healthcare Solutions. He can be reached at . Senior Helpers’ Facebook page is