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Servicing Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown & Surrounding Areas
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Servicing Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown & Surrounding Areas
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Free Personal Emergency Response System for New Clients

Senior Helpers of Central Texas feels so strongly that seniors need to have the best Personal Emergency Response System (PERs) on the market  that we are giving the Electronic Caregiver system away to ALL New Clients!

That's right Free to all new clients starting on Veterans Day throughout the end of the year. That's a $39.95 monthly value! And, through November you get an upgraded system that also includes PocketMD - where you can have a doctor consult for free anytime!

Contact us for details and restrictions at 512-388-4357 or CareInfoAustin@seniorhelpers.com

Features of the Electronic Caregiver Personal Emergency Response System:

  • Emergency Response Center manned by real EMTs
  • GPS Location tracking
  • Includes FREE Telehealth Doctor Consults: talk to a Doctor 24x7x365 and even get prescriptions ordered!
  • Medication Reminders
  • Activity Reminders
  • Fall Detection (extra add-on feature)
  • Family Monitoring APP, know where your loved one is or where they have been!

Contact us today 512-388-4357 or CareInfoAustin@seniorhelpers.com we can have it shipped to you in 3 days. All information and ordering can be done over the phone!

Call now and protect your loved ones for the holidays!