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Serving Rock Hill and surrounding areas.
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Serving Rock Hill and surrounding areas.
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Transitional Care

Our Transitional Care Program has been specifically designed to allow our clients to return home safely from the hospital or rehab while minimizing the likelihood of returning to the hospital. The program also helps loved ones who feel overwhelmed and uncertain by guiding them through all of the steps of a safe return home. Readjusting to daily routines can be stressful and increases the risk of an avoidable re-admission. Senior Helpers makes the transition from hospital to home easier by working with your social worker or discharge planner to ensure you have a safe transition home.

Care Plan Development

Everything starts with our LifeProfile Assessment that includes identifying the specific care needs, performing a 144-point safety check of the home environment, making recommendations regarding medical equipment, and assessing the current plan for medical condition management. We use the results of the Assessment to develop a detailed care plan that enables us to assign a caregiver who is trained to meet the needs of you and/or your loved one including ADL assistance, vitals that need to be monitored, a comprehensive list of prescribed medications for reminders, and any diet restrictions or recommendations.

In-Home Care

Because the first 48-72 hours are critical in determining the likelihood of returning to the hospital, we initially provide around the clock care with caregivers and staff staying in close communication as we monitor the client’s progress and understand the new daily routine. A reassessment is then performed so we can update the care plan to reflect the client’s ongoing care needs. Typically, we see the hours of care reduced significantly depending on the client’s condition and the ability of the family to assist with care. This approach ensures the safety and comfort of the client without incurring unnecessary expense.

On-going Support

We will stay engaged as the recovery process continues. In some cases, we are able to stop care after a week or two and in others we may continue for a longer period of time. If care continues, we will maintain communication with everyone involved to make sure that the proper level of care is provided as needs change. In any case, we are committed to making sure that you or your loved one is able to return and remain home safely and comfortably.