Senior Helpers Reviews In Havertown, PA
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Serving Havertown and surrounding areas.
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Serving Havertown and surrounding areas.
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We are proud to have had the opportunity to care for and support seniors and families in our community. Hear what they have to say about the services that we have provided:

"I have been delighted with the caregivers (Patricia, Tina, Akita and Madupe) that you have assigned to my mother. I have been able to work quite collaboratively with them from a distance to make sure that they have the needed supplies. Every time I visit, it is clear that they genuinely care about my mother and she adores them (except when they have to take her to the bathroom, but that's to be expected and typically soon forgotten, at least by my mother). I am very happy to support them and keep them safe during this very challenging time for front-line workers."

"We feel so thankful to have the Senior Helpers working with our mother at the Quadrangle. Our mother had been living fully independently until about 6 or 8 months ago when her short term memory and executive functioning began to have obvious deficits and create quite a bit of anxiety for her. We approached Senior Helpers at that time to begin helping with medication checks and went to blister packs to help as well. Things have become so difficult now that she is in isolation and some of the regular supports and social engagement have been removed.

Denise and Leah are working so hard and make themselves available to help all the time. We have had the additional complication when her land line stopped working and we continue to have Verizon try to repair it and are currently having no luck.

Denise and Leah go above and beyond in our opinion. They have allowed my mother to face time with us and check on her regularly. She so looks forward to seeing a friendly face and they are always happy to provide that to her.

We recently sent our mother a Grandpad (iPad like device that allows us to video call with her, one that is so simple she can handle). That stopped working last week and Leah stopped by (after hours) and helped her get it working again. Need I say more?

I just want you to know that we can only imagine how this pandemic has created challenges in their own lives, yet they provide such an important support for our mother that we will be forever thankful. As difficult as these times are they continue to work with us to increase hours to provide her more support."

"Dear Denise, I want to express to you my deepest appreciation for your kindness and the excellent care that my mother is getting from your staff.

My eyes fill with tears when I think about the fact that I can't see my mom during this difficult time, and that I feel helpless knowing how much care she needs, and how little time we may have her here.

You have been amazing at giving me updates whenever I call. I think you are such a kind and understanding person. You've also negotiated the difficult waters with my mom and dad when they were resisting having helpers come into their daily life. I can never thank you enough.

I especially want to thank Lyndaia who cares for my mom during the week. She has given my mother quality of life, which had been slipping away bit by bit over the last years. Thanks to her gentle care Mom is up out of bed, clean and dressed every day. She puts moisturizer on her dry skin, she washes her hair, bathes her and scrubs her back. Mom tells me how good it feels. My mother can be stubborn and doesn't accept help easily, but Lyndaia is so great at her job, and such a kind woman that she's made it happen. Mom is actually happier and feels cared for, for the first time in a long time.

When I called yesterday and Mom told me that Lyndaia took her outside on that sunny beautiful day, to see the flowers I welled up with gratitude. This has been a true blessing in all of our lives, my sisters and their families included. I can never express how grateful we all are. This is how I sleep at night, thankful for the kindness, care and courage, particularly in this terrible time, that you and your staff have shown us."

"I was very pleased with the compassionate care of the caregivers towards my mother."

"All through the years, Delicia has been nothing but kind, caring and supportive to my mother. I felt like she is a part of my own family and took care of my Mom like she would for herself."

"When I spoke with Noel on Friday, he was so unbelievably kind and helpful. I really put him through it and asked for a lot, but he was great. Noel's quick response and politeness on the phone make me want to call back for services in the future."

"I want to recognize the exemplary care provided by Brenda and Germaine. Both women showed not just professionalism and competence, but warmth and emotional support that touched my grandmother deeply. Their reliability and caring meant so much to my mom as she worked with you to make sure her mom was well-supported, despite a difficult environment in my grandmother’s apartment. Again, many thanks."

"We love Vanessa. She is always on time, very attentive, follows the care plan, and always does what is asked of her."

"I am so pleased and lucky to have Rebecca! I am glad she is with me and I hope that she can keep me on her schedule from now on because Rebecca really cares for me and she helps me out with everything around my apartment… she cleaned the whole apartment for me today! I love Rebecca!"