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  • Planning for the Future: Preparing Seniors For An Emergency or Natural Disaster

    August 5, 2022

    The year 2021 is already set to be a record-breaking year for natural disasters including record-breaking heat and cold, hurricanes, and torrential flooding. And no matter where you live, according to NOAA  wildfires on the west coast can adversely affect everyone because smoke movement impacts air quality, visibility, and temperatures across the nation.

  • Relieving Anxiety and Stress: An Important Part of Caregiving

    July 29, 2022

  • What Sun Protector Factor (SPF) Should Seniors Use for Their Sunscreen?

    July 18, 2022

  • What to Do If Your Senior Doesn't Like Their Home's Smart Home Technology

    July 15, 2022

  • 4 Interesting Summer Activities for Seniors

    July 8, 2022

    To many people, summer is the perfect time for some outdoor fun. However, an older adult's idea of a 'good time' is different from what the younger cohorts normally like to do for entertainment and recreation. 

    Besides being prone to heat-related illnesses, senior adults tend to tire more easily and are more likely to hurt in a fall. As such, it's imperative for home caregivers to take that into account when organizing summer outing for their senior loved ones. 

    Luckily, there are different summer activities that are not only fun but also safe for seniors. Here are some of them:

  • Low Impact, Mood-Boosting Summer Activities for Seniors

    July 1, 2022

    Now that summer is officially on its way, it can be a very mood-boosting time for seniors. Sunlight itself has been proven to make a person feel better, so seniors can benefit from that. In addition, the warm weather is also easier on the joints and can help seniors to be free from aches and pains that affect them during the other months.


  • You Are Never Too Old to Stay in Shape

    June 10, 2022

    It is not unusual for older adults to leave out physical exercise in their daily routine.  Joints become stiff and activities decrease as we get older and exercise does not sound like much fun.  By the age of 75, over half of seniors have no physical activity at all. Developing a sustainable exercise program for seniors is an important part of being a home caregiver. 

  • Depression In Older Adults

    May 25, 2022

    As we age, some of the changes we experience can make us feel sad or uncomfortable. Children move out of the home, we retire from our careers, loved ones have health struggles or pass away, and we lose the ability to do some of the things we once loved. Though these changes are a natural part of aging, prolonged depression is not. However, it can sometimes be a common mental health issue among seniors. Read on to learn about why depression happens in seniors and what to do about it.

  • How Technology Can Help Seniors

    May 20, 2022

    The latest technology, like smartphones, video conferencing, smartwatches, and virtual reality isn't just for the younger generations. Seniors can use this technology as a tool for communication, entertainment, and staying physically and mentally healthy.

  • Senior Isolation: Why Companionship Care Is an Important Part of Every Age-in-Place Plan

    May 13, 2022

    There are countless benefits that seniors can gain by establishing solid age-in-place plans. Choosing to greet the challenges of the golden years at home, in familiar surroundings, and with the help and support of any loved ones who live nearby often allows for significantly higher life qualities overall.

  • Caregivers with Big Hearts Prevent Small Worlds

    May 3, 2022

    If you are helping to care for a senior who has decided to age in place, it's easy to get so lost in the little details of day-to-day care (the cleaning, the medications, the daily chores) that you forget this one important factor: you are that senior's window to the outside world. Keeping this at the forefront of your mind will allow you not only to care for our seniors' physical needs but also for their hearts and souls. 


  • Parkinson's Awareness Month: How to Cope as a Family Caregiver

    April 29, 2022

    The Parkinson's Foundation estimates that nearly one million people in the U.S. were living with Parkinson's Disease as of 2020. Unfortunately, this figure is expected to rise by 60,000 annually. The fact that there is still no cure for this degenerative disease puts a strain on the healthcare system as well as families that have to cope with affected loved ones. April being Parkinson's Awareness Month, Seniors Helpers of Salem have some tips on how you can cope as a home caregiver taking care of family members suffering from Parkinson's Disease.


  • How To Spring Clean Safely

    April 19, 2022



  • Gardening Activities That Can Benefit Aging Seniors

    April 15, 2022

    Gardening is a wonderful, relaxing activity. For those seniors with live in-home care, working in a garden offers many positive benefits. Enjoying the sun and fresh air outside is beneficial for mental health.

  • Garden Month: Butterfly Garden

    April 8, 2022

    It's gardening month! It has been shown that gardening is a calming, mood-boosting activity for everyone. Gardening can be helpful to those with dementia. Adding a background of fluttering butterflies creates a calmer, natural serenity. Butterflies are a great addition to any garden setting. Butterflies can symbolize happy childhood memories of playing in flower fields or represent the many transitions of life's journey.  Developing a butterfly garden can be a beneficial activity in many ways.

  • National Garden Month Activities for Seniors with Dementia

    April 1, 2022

    April is National Garden Month which makes it a great time to get your senior more involved in gardening-related activities, especially if the senior is someone with dementia. The benefits of gardening for seniors with dementia are many. Not only is it a great way to get some exercise but it is also a huge mood booster as it will get the senior outdoors.

  • Protecting Yourself From Financial Scams

    March 25, 2022

    We are sharing this incredible article from Financial Force as a resource to protecting yourself from financial scams.

  • 3 Important Tips for Protecting Seniors from Frauds and Scams

    November 11, 2021

    It is no secret that seniors are often the target of a variety of scams, especially financial fraud. Seniors are often targeted because they are more likely to have accumulated financial savings and have good credit. These three tips will help you understand how to protect seniors from becoming victims of fraudulent activity.

  • How to Beat the Burnout as a Home Caregiver

    October 14, 2021

    In our families or communities, we live with people who are older adults and who, in the long run, need our support and attention. By providing companionship, helping with daily activities, and projecting positive support, we engage in what is called caregiving. While incredibly rewarding, home caregiving can also cause some exhaustion and stress; it is an important job with a lot of responsibility.

  • Caregivers and the Importance of Aging in Place

    October 7, 2021

    The best jobs are always those that make you feel good about yourself. If you've been looking for personal fulfillment, becoming a caregiver is an excellent choice. Read on to discover how pursuing this increasingly popular career is guaranteed to boost both your self-esteem and your sense of purpose.

  • The Difference Between Age-Related Memory loss and Alzheimer’s

    October 8, 2020

    Memory loss is a natural part of the aging process, but sometimes it can be indicative of a bigger problem. Here are some tips to know if your senior loved one’s forgetfulness may be a sign of Alzheimer’s or dementia

  • What it is Like to be an In-Home Caregiver

    August 24, 2020

    If you ever wonder what it’s like to be an in-home caregiver, it’s all about creating the best quality of life for someone.

  • Tips on Healthy Eating and Nutrition for Seniors | Senior Helpers of Salem

    August 17, 2020

    Eating healthy foods is important for seniors as they age. Here are some tips on nutrition for seniors to ensure that your loved one is eating well.

  • Help Your Loved One Maintain a Social Life

    August 10, 2020

    As seniors age in place, they may be at increased risk for loneliness. Helping them to maintain an active social life is key to helping them stay healthy.

  • Music Therapy as Treatment for Dementia

    July 27, 2020

    Caring for a loved one with dementia can be challenging. Fortunately, music therapy has been shown to have many positive effects, from activating positive memories to combating depressive symptoms.