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Serving Greater Oklahoma City and surrounding areas
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Six Tips to Reduce Stress for Older Adults

Stress not only increases as we age but can also be harder to manage. We have families, finances, and homes to take care of and the burden of aging itself can weigh down our spirits. It's time to embrace the privilege of aging and learn how to cope with our ever-changing lives. Senior Helpers is dedicated to making it possible to age in place joyously. 

Talk to Others

Many people shy away from reaching out to others. What we need to understand is that we are not alone and once we open up, we will soon realize everyone has something relatable to share. Learn how to Skype so you can chat with family and friends from a distance. Utilize the internet and join a free group session where you can discuss your challenges with unbiased support.

Physical Activity

There is no need to break out in a heavy sweat or push your body to the point of soreness. All that's needed is 30 minutes a day. Studies have shown improvement in mental well-being when exercising, especially outdoors. If outside is not an option, these free indoor workouts cater to aging adults.

Cut Out Negativity

Perhaps there is someone in your life who is always complaining or negative, or maybe you find yourself getting upset with news reports on a daily basis. It is imperative to your mental health to cut out things that don't bring you joy. Sometimes we don't even realize that these are key factors that affect our stress levels.

Keep a Journal

Documentation and expression are a great way to manage your stress. You can make note of the days you are feeling low and what may be triggering these feelings. Simply jotting down your feelings or even things that you are grateful for on that specific day will help you see life in a new, positive light. Many studies prove that expressing gratitude is tantamount to feeling happy.

Meditation and Yoga

Meditation and yoga will allow you to hone in on positive feelings, ultimately creating a habit for your mind and body to naturally develop. Yoga will help your body's dexterity and lower the chances of serious injury if you were to fall. Local community centers or YouTube are great sources for free classes.

Care for a Pet or Garden

If fostering or adopting a pet isn't in the cards for you, consider volunteering at an animal shelter. Or perhaps starting a vegetable garden, herb garden, or caring for indoor houseplants will give you a sense of pride and purpose. Herb gardens (something that can even be done indoors) are a great way to motivate more cooking which can turn into a fun, healthy hobby. 

Along with these helpful tips, make sure to get enough sleep and most of all, don't forget to laugh. It is an essential part of our being to learn how to look at the beauty in everything. Senior Helpers in Oklahoma City is dedicated to providing around-the-clock care and sharing helpful tips on embracing the process of aging. Contact us today for more information.