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  • 10 Healthy Hobbies for Caregivers

    June 28, 2022

    It's no secret that caregivers are some of the busiest people around. Between juggling work, family responsibilities, and taking care of a loved one, there often seems to be little time for anything else. However, it's important for caregivers to find time for themselves, too. This is why we've put together a list of 10 healthy hobbies that caregivers can participate in. 

  • Do You Need an In-Home Care Service That Specializes in Parkinson's Care?

    June 17, 2022

  • Nine Tips To Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

    May 26, 2022

    Heart disease causes many deaths and disabilities in the United States. Here are tips to help you reduce your risk factors and prevent heart disease.


  • How to Use Music as Therapy for Seniors- An Easy Guide

    May 13, 2022

    Music has the power to change hearts and moods, lift people out of depression, and help heal scars. Music can also help combat painful memories and improve decision-making abilities in seniors.

  • Four Reasons to Use Respite Care

    May 3, 2022

    When you are a caregiver, you may be trying to do it all. You may have a job that takes you away from your loved one for hours every day. You may also be the one to do the shopping, cooking, and cleaning, as well as all of the care taking duties that you need to do. This can be exhausting, and though you don't want to think about getting help, it just might be time to look into it. 

    Respite care may be just what you need. It can be an occasional visit or regularly scheduled, depending on circumstances, and allows you a break (or a chance to do what needs to be done). Here are some reasons you may want to look into respite care.

  • Walking for Seniors: What Are the Benefits?

    April 13, 2022

    As age catches up with us, we may find it harder to stay active and mobile. Walking is a low-impact activity perfect for seniors who want to stay fit and improve their overall health. And that's not all; walking also has many intangible benefits that we will see in this read. 

    If you are a senior or know someone who is, encourage them to lace up their walking shoes on National Walking Day and every day after that! That said, here are some of the benefits that seniors can enjoy by walking regularly:

  • Ways to Keep in Touch When Caregiving Long Distance

    March 23, 2022

    It can be very hard to deal with your parents and family members aging. This is especially true when you don't live very close to them. Whether you are a few hours (or a few states) away, it can be difficult to stay in touch with them.

  • The ABCs of Heart Health

    March 8, 2022

    What do you know about your heart? Now, Valentine's Day is over. We are talking about your heart health. Which conditions can cause increased risk to your heart? Of course, we all know about being overweight, which can be helped, and aging, which cannot. But there are many, many more. Which of the following impacts heart health?

  • Senior Helpers of Greater Oklahoma City Encourages Safety, Kindness, and Empathy in Companion Care

    February 22, 2022

    One of the greatest unspoken favors that you can do for your aging parents is to ensure that their dignity is always held to the utmost standard while keeping the as safe as possible. They are dealing with so much stress and uncertainty at this time and your patience, kindness, and compassion are sorely needed. So, what can we do to show compassion when it comes to their fears, patience during the difficult times, and kindness when it really matters? What tangible things can we do to show our empathy? What results can we expect with such positive behavior?

  • The Many Reasons to Be Kind

    February 14, 2022

  • Cold Weather And Seniors: How To Stay Safe In The Winter

    January 31, 2022

    When the weather turns cold, it becomes more difficult for seniors to stay warm. Seniors are also more likely to have medical conditions that are affected by the cold. These can include heart disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure. Here are some ways you can help seniors stay safe during the winter months.


  • Causes and How to Prevent Accidental Falls in Seniors

    January 20, 2022

    One of the greatest concerns among senior adults is having an accidental fall. An unexpected fall can be a life-changing experience, leading to a trip to the emergency room, major surgery, and lengthy rehabs. According to the National Institute on Aging, each year more than one in three seniors have a falling accident. Usually, after a fall, most seniors fear going back to their normal physical routine. They might avoid gardening, socializing with friends, walking, and engaging in other activities they once loved.  There are, however, steps that can be taken to prevent these falls.

  • It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

    December 15, 2021

    The month of December is filled with traditions, giving, quality time with family, and highlights what is truly important in life.  It’s not the packages under the tree, it’s the time spent with family and friends. So with that said, start off by being realistic.  Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanza, try to focus on the meaning of the holiday and rejoice in the history and the traditions.  Forget the tinsel town stuff – that’s where things can get muddled.

  • Caregiver Stress & Burnout: Taking Proper Care of Yourself

    December 7, 2021

    Millions of Americans take care of their loved ones, sometimes even caring for more than one person. While being a caregiver is rewarding, sometimes the demands can be challenging, leading to stress and burnout if left unchecked. Taking care of yourself is important if you are to give better elder care. 

  • The Importance of a Health Aging Plan

    November 18, 2021

    As you (or someone that you love) ages, it is important to continue to have a good quality of life. This is especially true for those who want to continue to live at home and be independent. It may be time to think about making a healthy aging plan. However, in order to do so, it is important to know what that means.

  • Helping Seniors Get The Most from Their Holidays

    October 28, 2021

    Everyone looks forward to the holiday season. The get-togethers, long hours catching up with extended family, exchanging gifts, and the respite from work all make holidays a time we all love. However, sometimes seniors might need a different approach with a customized plan to best navigate and enjoy their holidays. Whether your loved one lives at home with in-home care or resides in a senior care community, here are some suggestions to help them have an enjoyable holiday season.

  • Exercise Can Help Reduce the Risk of Falling for Seniors

    September 30, 2021

    Loss of balance and falling are very valid fears for many seniors. The risk of falling rises with age and these risks can increase if a senior lives alone. Approximately 36 million older adults fall every year, but many of the injuries from these types of falls can be prevented with proper exercise that focuses on improving balance.

  • Why In-Home Care May Be Right For Your Loved One

    September 14, 2021

    When an elderly family member or loved one is in need of additional help, we naturally want to find them the best support that we can. Personalized in-home care can help our loved ones successfully age in place while retaining their independence, autonomy, and safety. Read on to discover the benefits of in-home senior care and the positive impact it can have on the life of your loved one - and on yours!

  • Social Determinants of Health and Other Risk Factors Management for Seniors: Private Duty Non-Medical In-Home Care in Action

    September 3, 2021

    Social determinants of health (SDOH) are social, economic, and environmental factors that assist seniors in staying healthy as they age. These factors include access to nutritious food, good housing, stable income, a reliable transport system, and good health care. Seniors who struggle with SDOH and related risk factors are always prone to dangers such as morbidity, mortality, and poor health in general.

  • 3 Reasons to Consider 24-Hour In-Home Care for Seniors

    July 27, 2021

  • Social Isolation: Supplementing Senior Companionship with Digital Tools

    July 19, 2021

  • 3 Steps to Help Seniors Improve Hydration

    July 8, 2021

  • 5 Ways to Encourage and Provide Support While Promoting Senior Independence

    June 7, 2021

  • Seniors Don't Just Have to Survive, They Should Thrive

    May 13, 2021

  • What You Need to Know About Parkinson's Care

    May 4, 2021